Check Out Corey Smith 16.3

Name: Corey Smith
Sponsors: CAPiTA, TechNine, Electric, Grenade, ThirtyTwo, Cals Pharmacy
Age: 24
Origin: San Francisco, California
Coordinates: Portland, Oregon
Stance: Goofy. Eighteen degrees front, negative-nine degrees rear, and 22 inches wide.

After living with Corey for a while you realize there are certain things you can expect from him. For example, when I see him leaving for a night on the town wearing his finest fingerless gloves and scarf combo-he’s got a date or an art-show opening. If a random girl is leaving his room in the morning, first thing out of his mouth is always, “Am I a bad person?” And if he says he’ll buy lunch, you’re going to end up paying the whole check. But there is one thing I was sure of long before we lived together-that boy can shred. Over the last five or so years Corey’s transformed himself from an annoying teenager into a full-fledged kicker assassin. If you don’t believe me, check the TechNine video. He probably wouldn’t want me to use the word assassin ’cause he’s one of those emo artists. But that’s okay, I’ll just give him an extra medium shirt and a hug.-Chris Coyle