Name: Christoph Weber
Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, and Ratiopharm
Age: 21
Origin: Freiburg, Germany
Coordinates: Zugspitze, Germany
Stance: Regular, eighteen front, minus-six back, and 22 inches wide

How are you supposed to find anything in these Check Outs credible? I mean, how can you distinguish between the next Terje and some bro’s subjective superhype? It seems like every one is written by the rider’s best friend, who’s known him since they were little. I didn’t grow up with Christoph¿he moved to Munich three years ago, and since then we’ve been traveling together a lot. I don’t know exactly what Christoph did before he moved, but he’s a super good guy and seriously one of the most insane riders I’ve ever seen. The thing that amazes me the most is how versatile his riding is; besides Jussi Oksanen, there’s no one as good as Christoph is on all terrain. I haven’t seen the photo for this Check Out yet, but whatever it is¿a rail jump or pipe trick¿I bet it’s sick.¿David Benedek