Check Out: Chris Polascheck

The Jolly German a.k.a. Chris Polascheck

I first met Chris three years ago while riding in the June Mountain halfpipe. Chris was there filming with Todd Hazeltine, blasting super-large airs and pulling smooth tricks. I introduced myself to Chris, and soon after found out how fun he was to ride with. Gradually, we became friends, spending plenty of time sitting on the porch, talkin' about things. He visited me the year after we met, and last winter he stayed at my house for two months.

I've met some interesting people through Chris and have had some really good laughs. A quiet, reserved, thick, young German, whose style and amplitude explode in his riding. I love going to the pipe and being in his presence.

As I mentioned before, I got a chance to live with Chris, or should I say, he got to live with me. He's a mediocre houseguest, but is really fun to go drinking with at the local bars. Chris speaks broken English, sometimes making it hard to communicate, but he's getting better every year.

Watch out for Chris bombing the pipe or boosting smooth tricks down the park on his next U.S. tour. When fellow German connection riders Nicola Thost or Xavier Hoffman happen to be around, the shit really hits the fan.

Chris' sponsors are A snowboards, Volcom, Arnette, DC, Drake, Nixon, Level, and Red Bull. His favorite food is pizza, and he likes hip-hop. Chris smokes a lot of cigs, but is still a transition monster. Anyway, if you ever get the chance, y'all should check him out. Rock on! -Aaron Bishop