Check Out: Chris Hotell

Chris Hotell

Name: Chris Hotell

Age: 21

Favorite Place To Ride: Sugar Bowl, California

Sponsors: Morrow snowboards, Oakley goggles, Technine bindings, Etnies, Thirty-two boots, NC clothing, Shittlake

Thanks: My parents and brother, Garret Mason, Scotty Wittlake, Mike Branzel, R. Herath, Tim Manning, G. Buckner, E. Lee, J. Cole, and Andrius.

Chris Hotell is one of my favorite snowboarders. I first met him a while ago when he was sleeping on the couch in our living room because he was too scared to sleep at his house all alone in the middle of the dark woods. That gave me my first impression of the talented lad-I thought he was a pussy and there's really not many things worse than that. Soon after I discovered I'd been incredibly mistaken. I started snowboarding with him more and more until it seemed like we were shredding together every day, and I began to realize that he was a very good snowboarder. But more than that, what impressed me was that he progressed every day he went snowboarding.

One of the best things about Chris' riding is his style. He's so smooth he makes even the hardest tricks look like he's not even trying, despite the fact the board he's usually riding is broken. His talents are now way beyond impressing just his friends. He has even gathered a list of sponsors who are helping to keep him out of denim-patched jackets, urine-smelling gloves, and scratched-beyond-repair goggles.

I think the best thing about Chris is his personality. He's one of the most humble and funny people I know-even when we're intoxicated and breaking shit. He cares more about snowboarding than being a snowboarder, which is what makes Chris one of the best snowboarders there are.-Snotty Shittlake