Check Out: Chauncey McDougal Tanton

Check Out 13#5

By Cathy Cohn

Name: Chauncey McDougal Tanton

Age: 21

Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Nixon, One Track Mind Snowboard Shop

Origins: Rhode Island, Los Angeles, Michigan

Chauncey is the only person to ever surf the ski rack of my 1987 Pathfinder down Main Street in Breckenridge. And once he flushed a whole toothbrush down the toilet as opposed to reaching in to get it out. Hopefully our landlord (who paid the 250-dollar plumbing bill) doesn't read this. Living with Chaunce is basically a series of calms between unusually erratic storms, often fueled by a desire to do something mildly illegal. I guess I should also mention his amazing amount of energy and drive, especially when it comes to snowboarding. While he has always been good at the halfpipe, he's progressed into a pretty amazing all-around rider who continually pushes his limits. Great things can undoubtedly be expected from him.

How did you end up spending 200 days a year hucking yourself off various kickers?

Well, I was a skate rat as a kid in Rhode Island, and then started surfing when I moved to California. After that I snowboarded for the first time at Bear Mountain, California when I was thirteen. Then I moved to Michigan and rode at this place called Knubs Knob for the next six years. That place was sick, almost 200 vertical feet if you can believe it!

Hmm, so now you're living in Breck, which is, uh, only slightly steeper. Would you like to elaborate on the upper-tanking incident that occurred at the freshman-clown house in Breckenridge during last year's Vans Triple Crown?

I'm never gonna live that down. It actually wasn't even my idea, it was Kurt Rein's. I was just the only one stupid enough to actually go through with it. I'm not going to get into what actually took place, but let's just say the cleanup wasn't a pretty thing.

Okay, let's wind things up here. Tell us about your plans for the season.

I guess, ride a lot and hopefully to do some contests–the Vans Triple Crown at Breck for sure. Travel and then shoot, too. But most importantly, ride. I'm hoping it might snow in Colorado this year, don't laugh, it might happen. If it doesn't, we might put some rails up in the backyard; that's what we did last year.

Shout outs:

Thanks to my family, Baz, J.Y., K.O., Vince, J.G., Mike Artz and everyone at Burton, Gus Buckner and Joe D., OTM, the Hellcats, and John Sommers, Bjorn Leines, and Ali Goulet.