Check Out: Charles Perreault

Charles Perreault

Age: 21

Home mountain: Mont Ste. Anne, Quebec, Canada

Sponsors: Nidecker, NFA, Spy, DaKine, and Empire Snowboard Shop

Years riding: Eleven

Two years ago, when I met Charles, he seemed to be a real halfpipe Satanist, but also a nice person to hang out with. I was right, but I never thought he could put all his hair under his cap or pull one of the biggest frontside stalefish I've ever seen. Charles' snowboarding is a reflection of his personality, strong and full of determination. He rides with a unique passion that will turn the head of any halfpipe rider.–Charles Rousseau, photographer

What is your favorite type of terrain?

I like to ride all types of ice sculptures, but my favorite one is Ste. Anne's pipe. It's the best pipe in the world.

Where would you love to ride?

I would love to ride the waves in Fiji, or one of those indoor pipes made of plastic.

What are your plans for next season?

Travel to contests with the Canadian National team–my goal is to win enough money in contests to open my own indoor plastic pipe. I also want to ride some powder in Whistler, 'cause last year I didn't get any and suffered from an ice overdose.

I've heard you're also really into graffiti art?

Yes, that's what I do all summer. I paint murals all over the streets of Montreal. I even started my own mural company called Urban Xpressions.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

After snowboarding, I want to study art and work as a freelance designer and muralist.

Who is your favorite Stars Wars character and why?

Chewbacca, because we have the same haircut.

Do you want to thank anybody?

Yes, my parents for supporting me; my girlfriend Julie, I love you; Phil Grisé and Pat, good luck with the shop; Lover; and all the guys I ride with. Peace, and KEEP IT FAKE!