Check Out: Chad Williams

Name: Chad Williams

Born: March 21, 1978

Hometown: Coquitlam, B.C., Canada

Years Riding: Nine

Sponsors: World Industries, Quiksilver, Thirty-two, Dragon, Level Skate And Snow, and Mt. Seymour

I've known this kid from day one: it all started when my best friend Chad and I learned to ride under the careful supervision of Sean Kearns, who taught us the ways of life when it came to riding at the impressionable young age of twelve. The relationship built between Williams and I wasn't based on actual riding, but instead, it was based on the screwed-up events that took place on the chairlift. The snowboard was just a vehicle to get from the end of the chairlift back to the beginning again. What took place on the lift evolved from when we were kids spitting on each other–until our faces became blocks of frozen saliva–to sitting on the chair, trying to figure out an excuse to tell our girlfriends as to why we weren't back home with them. The real reason being the conditions were rad and we'd rather be shredding at Seymour. The most recent chapter consists of trying to persuade Chad to cut the mop he calls hair, as it consistently decreases the chances of finding new ladies.

In the midst of all this chairlift stuff, Chad has become a damn good snowboarder. Even after Rob Boyce first hooked him up, he has never forgotten who his friends are. Chad is the type of guy who will go to jail for a friend–he described the mace as excellent that evening. I could say a lot more about him, but this is just a glimpse into the life of Chad Williams from my perspective.–Doug Braun

Chad would like to thank his family, his sponsors, Sluggo, Sean Kearns, Kevin Sansalone, Todd Profit, The Boniface, Garrett Louie, Doug Braun and his family, the B-team, and the Seymour Kids.