Check Out: Casey Savage

Casey Savage

Age: 24

Home: Portland, Oregon

Sponsors: Nitro, Sessions, Mantra Optical, One Ball Jay, Zumies

March of 1974-Casey was born in Portland, Oregon and Northwest pride was instilled early in his life. When he was ten, he and his family moved north to Seattle and that pride manifested itself into a love and passion for the Washington Cascades, particularly Stevens Pass. Casey started snowboarding at the age of fourteen after watching the James Bond movie A View to a Kill. His riding style is unmistakably Northwestern and the years at Stevens Pass gave his freeriding fluidity, full of athletic ability and the knowledge of his surroundings.

A talented photographer and painter, Casey Savage sees the world from a unique perspective that is both personal and expressive. His ability to balance snowboarding and his creative endeavors makes him a very well-rounded person. Casey is fortunate enough to have seen much of this world and realizes the importance of travel as a learning tool. His travel photos and list of friends worldwide attest to his desire to be a part of a collective understanding of what the world is made of.

Casey’s family is extremely supportive and very close. This love enables him to be genuinely giving and confident. You might catch him surfing off the Oregon or Washington coasts, or up at Stevens Pass riding with his friends Elan Buchel, Elliot Olsen, Monty Hayes, or Josh Rosen.