Check Out: Brandon Hammid

Age: 27

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah

Sponsors: Arbor, Ashbury, Milosport

Video Part: Think Thank's Mind The Video Man

"When Brandon isn’t stomping terrorism for the US Forces he’s stomping next level jib tricks. He was on a top-secret mission to destroy the streets this winter or be disavowed. Mission accomplished!" —Jesse Burtner

Brandon Hammid. PHOTO: Sean Sullivan

All right, what's up with your nickname?

You mean Buff Moose? Jesse Burtner came up with it because there's a painting at Mt. Hood of a super buff moose, and one day he was just like, "Damn, Hammy's the Buff Moose." And it stuck. I constantly take my shirt off, too.

You're from Salt Lake City, but you didn't get into snowboarding until you were older. How come?

It was too damn expensive. Like, my mom couldn't afford it. But my first base was at Fairbanks, Alaska.

Base for what?

Oh, I built bombs in the air force. And up in Fairbanks it's just cold, and snowy all year, like November to May. So I just figured why not pick it up while I was there.

How long were you in the Air Force for? Did it give you a work ethic other snowboarders don't have?

I was in the Air Force for six years. And for sure it did man. Just fucking, never give up dude (laughs). There's been so many times where I've heard shit "dude you're too old" or just hearing that no one's into the old guy or whatever. But I've just been able to stick threw it and work my ass off. Just like I did in the Air Force.

Why are you so god damn strong?

[Laughs] I don't know. Sean Black and those dudes think I'm like maybe from a different world or something.

What was it like filming with Think Thank?

I wasn't going to f—k up my first chance to film an actual snowboard part. Maybe there was more pressure because this could be my only chance to do this, so I had to make sure it went well. But it was awesome.

How much can you bench press?

Seriously, like when I was at my peak during basic training, I could bench about 250 pounds.

Who's your favorite up and comer, and who are your all time favorite pros?

Ah man, these always change, but currently it's Ben Bilodeau. And for all-time dudes it has to be Justin Hebbel and Seth Huot. I'm so down for Seth because he's older, and I heard he didn't film his first part until he was like 26 or 27. That gets me hyped.

Check out Brandon’s 2011 video part right here, and make sure you check out Mind The Video Man to see his new stuff.

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