Check Out: Ben Davies, Jamie MacLeod, Mike Michalchuk

Ben Davies

D.O.B. March 9, 1979

Home: Pemberton, British Columbia

Sponsors: Random Sowboards, United Clothing, 32 Boots, Evolution, Kat Design, and Pemberton Valley Hunt and Hook.

Hobbies: BMX, stacking hay, skateboarding, making cuts with DJ Caine, and ice fishing.

Thank yous: My brother Justin, Kevin Sansalone, Derek Kettela, Don Weber, the Pem’ French, all my hook-ups, and Ma and Pa.

What’s an average Saturday night in Pemberton like?

On a Saturday night in Pem’ we saddle-up the horses, put on some boots and hats, and head off to the rodeo to watch Pa in action.

Do you prefer perfectly smooth tabletops or powder hips?

Actually, I get off on a freshly groomed dual-slalom course.

Canada shreds versus American shreds?

We both shred, but Canada has a better dogsled team.

Favorite bands?

Wu-Tang Clan, Iron Maiden, Slayer.


Marc Morisset: “Super loc!”

Max Jenke: “I gotta give props to this hip-hop hick ’cause he rides

every day, rain or shine.”

Derek Kettela: “Super consistent snowboarder. He’ll make a trick, hike back and do like three variations, and stick them all.”

Mike Estes: “I haven’t seen hair on a kid like that in a long time. Pemberton pride for the next generation of Canadians.”



Jamie MacLeod

Age: 21

Born: December 18, 1976

Home: Bradford, New Hampshire

Sponsors: Special Blend, Oakley

Hobbies: Riding horses and golf.

Thank yous: All the people who made me good and inspired me. My family.


The first heads to turn in Jamie Macleod’s direction were not those of other sixteen-year-old girls. Neither were they the heads of hormone angst-ridden teenage boys. Those who first took notice of Macleod were the seasoned pros who assumed “he” (much less likely she) was some nouveau hucker out to kill himself for the sake of celluloid fame. When she landed with style, rode away shyly, pulled her hat off and goggles up, they learned that she was much more than that.

Jamie is a good old New Hampshire girl. She took to horsemanship at the age when other girls were shedding their dolls for a tutu and some ballet slippers. While they were learning to pirouette, Jaime was learning to take a tumble off her mount and jump right back on again, which would prove invaluable to her future. Aside from the pastures, New Hampshire has the White Mountains and the state motto, “Live Free or Die.” Eventually, the latter two won out over the horses, and the rest led Jamie to where she is today.

The key to Jamie’s talent is the low crouch, kung-fu style stance she employs. It affords her a stability and grace of motion that few girls possess. This compactness combined with her high percentage of quality grabs (no snatches), curled toe spinning ease, and feline landing gear has brought her far. Five years later, Jamie has seen the sport from many angles. Most notably are those angles afforded to riders who climb up onto U.S. Open, Westbeach Classic, and World Championship podiums. She has done this by showing little fear in the face of her own progression and the hurdles it brings. One of these hurdles has been the lack of a board sponsor for the past season. In spite of this, Jamie took to the tour, privateer style, and reaped all the rewards for herself, privateer style.

Now, Jamie has a couple of potential board sponsors lined up. Their efforts combined with the support that she receives from Oakley, Special Blend, and the ASC (American Skiing Company) have given Jamie more momentum going into this season then she’s ever had. Ensuring that instead of heads just turning, they’ll also be looking up at Jamie in the air, and looking up at Jamie on the winners’ stands.

-Pat Bridges



Mike Michalchuk

Age: 21

Born: Victoria, British Columbia

Home: Calgary, Alberta

SSponsors: Salomon, Free Wheeling

Highlights: First Place ISF finals, eighth place 1998 Olympics, first place Canadian Olympic Trials

The question most people ask the first time they see Mike drop into the pipe is, “Who is that guy?” That’s because Mike is a clear standout at any pipe he rides. He does moves that people have never seen before-like double backflips. Mike is always pushing the limits of what people first thought impossible in the halfpipe, and every time he rides, he blows minds.

Did you ever think you would make it to the Olympics?

No. I never really thought about it until it was announced as an event, then I thought I would like to try out for the team.

What was it like?

It was a really cool experience and my first time ever in Japan. I took my girlfriend along, and we had a lot of fun. Although the pipe was really good, I’m glad it only happens once every four years.

When did you get on Salomon?

Just before the Olympics. I’ve never really had a board sponsor, and I was just buying boards. They have treated me very well, and I think their boards have contributed to some of my success this year.

What else do you do besides snowboarding?

I do a lot of bow-hunting. I hunt mostly big game, like moose, deer, and elk. I usually kill about three or four animals a year, which allows me to live off that meat the entire year.

Got any hunting stories?

Two years ago, I shot a sixteen-point mule deer that took me two hours of stalking on my belly through the trees to get. I finally got a line on him from about twenty feet, and I sat motionless for over 30 minutes until the perfect shot became available. I shot once, and it was all over. Now the head is on my wall and the meat is in my freezer.

Any thanks?

My mom and dad, my girlfriend, and all the people who have helped me get to where I am today.-Ben Wainwright