Check Out: Anthony Meggait

Name: Anthony Meggait
Age: Eighteen
Born and raised: Abbots Ford, British Columbia, Canada
Sponsors: Rev, Concept, Fluid Skate and Snowboard Shop, Dragon, 32 Boots
Home mountains: Seymour and Whistler, B.C., Canada

Kevin Sansalone: What do you think is more important, to have a clean, smooth style, or to be able to throw down the hardest tricks?

Anthony Meggait: Smoothness comes with riding every day; just do the tricks you like doing. It’s important to me to be smooth in my riding. I give more props for a smooth, clean trick.

Are you going to keep pushing it and try to make a career out of snowboarding?

Definitely. This past year I’ve been trying to go out and progress so I have the skills it takes to be professional.

Besides skills, what do you think it takes to be a professional snowboarder?

Being on top of things, like what your sponsors want from you, maintaining a good image, and not doing stupid things like being a jerk to kids on the mountain.

When you do become a superstar, how are you going to stay true to your roots and love of the sport¿would you sell out to be a superstar in this new era of million-dollar riders and the Internet’s explosion and exploitation of our humble little pastime?

It’s never been about money for me, so I don’t think I’m going to sell out. I just want to find good people to work with.

Good answer. That was a loaded question to make you look good. Everybody knows you as a pretty humble kid. Do you think it has a lot to do with the fact that your family is religious, or are you just shy around all the pros and photographers?

It has a little to do with my religion. I feel my skills were given to me by God and I’m going to use them the best I can. I’m not shy, I just have respect for you guys, so I’m quiet.

Your dad is super cool. I call him Ned Flanders because he is exactly like Ned from The Simpsons. He goes with you everywhere¿filming and even when you’re riding in contests.

He’s my number-one sponsor¿he helps me out a lot.

Shout outs?

God; all my family and friends; my girlfriend Sandra; my sponsors; you, Jorli, and Keenan; Serfas and Kettela; Chris Griesen; and everyone else I didn’t mention.