Anne Molin Kongsgaard

Thank you so much for the e-mail. Jeff Curtes told me something

about a Check Out. It’s cool that you liked the photos, It’s always a

good thing to hear …Anyway, maybe I should tell you some stuff

about myself:

I was born and raised in Norway, in a town called Kongsberg about

an hour southwest of Oslo. This is where I live when I’m not out

traveling-which I do most of the time!

I’m 21 years old and I’ve been riding a snowboard since I was sixteen. I started because some of my friends did it, and I figured

“Why not?” I was totally hooked after the first time, and because

we have a pretty good resort right where I live, I was able to go

every weekend-which I did!

When I was seventeen, I moved to the United States for a year. I

just wanted to do something different. I spent one year in Cape Cod,

Massachusetts. Which means I didn’t ride for a long, long time.

After doing some competitions here in Norway, this guy started to

give me some free boards and clothes (I was totally stoked). My real

“sponsor thing” didn’t start until this season. I’ve been riding for

Arnette and just signed a contract with Burton. I’m really stoked

about riding for them.

I think one of the reasons why I’ve come this far is because I’m not

scared of trying new things. I have a background in gymnastics

(eight years) which has helped me a lot. I’ve also been doing some

dancing (jazz), and sometimes I “try” to skateboard.

Beside snowboarding and when I’m not out traveling, I spend most

of my time just hanging out with my friends, going to

cafes and chillin’!

I don’t really have any heroes, but I do have a lot of respect when it

comes to a girl rider like Nicola Thost. I’ve never seen a

girl ride like her, and she really deserve some credit for her riding!

Well, when it comes to goals in life, I have to say-I just wanna ride

and enjoy life …

I hope this helped a little, have a nice day!