Check Out Andrew Mutty 15.5

Check Out Andrew Mutty

Name: Andrew Mutty

Sponsors: Original Sin, Split clothing, Oakley eye and apparel, DC, Drake bindings, Concepts

Age: 22

Origin: Nashua, New Hampshire

Coordinates: Killington, Vermont

Stance: Goofy. 28 degrees up front, ten degrees in back, and twenty and a half inches wide.

Mutty is for real-it takes dedication to trek from the depths of Boston to the hills of New Hampshire and Vermont every weekend to ride. A few years back, he had a rainbow handrail specially constructed for his car. It was mounted on the bumpers and spanned the vehicle diagonally from end to end. On many occasions, it became the after-shred hot spot-a rolling circus. Mutty hangs tight with his friends, and his thick Boston accent is a welcomed sound at any pipe, park, or party. He’s now raising hell in Killington, Vermont where he can shred it like a demon and chase the Jersey chicks.-Joel Muzzey