Check Out: Alex Auchu

Alex Auchu

Name: Alex Auchu

Born in: Montreal, Quebec

Resides in: Whistler, B.C.

Sponsors: Rossignol, Billabong, Spy

I've known Alex for about ten years now. But have come to know him quite well in these last two years, after he moved from Montreal to Whistler and became my roommate and good friend.

In case you're wondering, Alex is pure comedy. He lives in constant fear of getting beat up, has a crazy junk-food addiction, has more nicknames than anyone else I know, and needs an instruction manual to get through life's simplest tasks. He's easy to make friends with, likes to have fun, is funny either sober or drunk, is sweet like a teddy bear from a girl's point of view, and has more good qualities than bad. Hanging around him will always lead you to a great time, no matter where you are. He's what a good friend is all about. If you want to see him in action, Alex is going to be featured in a new movie called The Gathering from Malevolent productions. See him on their site at

–J.F. Pelchat

Brenden O'Dowd: Aren't you in love with some girl?

Alex Auchu: In love? What do you think, man! I'm too strong of a guy to fall in love.

What's the story with the Gallants and this new movie they're working on?

The movie is called The Gathering and will feature new comers like Mike Page, D.C.P., Etienne Gilbert, Sylvain Beauchesne, Daniel Migneault, me, and many others. Geatan Chanut's part has some of the best freestyle backcountry riding I've ever seen. Be sure to check it out.

Are you more of a frontside or backside kind of guy?

I like both sides. You have to take advantage of all the options.

Who do you want to thank?

My parents, everyone at Rossi, Billabong Canada, the whole French Connection, my roomates, J.F. Pelchat for helping me out, Banon, Serfas, Bernier, Simard, Reindeau, Dionne, you, and all the girls who complicate my life.