Check Out 15.8 Shawn Durst

Name: Shawn Durst
Sponsors: Nitro, Dub, Iris, Grenade Gloves, Technine, Red Bull, Clive, Mountain High Resort, Catalyst Skateboards, PA
Age: 23
Origin: Hartstown, Pennsylvania
Coordinates: Mammoth Lakes, California
Stance: Regular, twelve degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 21 inches wide

Up from the depths of Conneaut Lake, fueled by candy and Red Bull, Shawn Durst, a.k.a. Durstdogg, Durstball, or Ol’ Dirty Durst, emerges. He may have been content jumping his dirt bike, but someone found out he was good at snowboarding and conned him into the winter weather-sucker. Durst rides his snowboard as if he’s riding his YZ-full throttle. I’ve even heard him make bike noises as he heads for a jump. Don’t be surprised if he waves to you with one finger from each hand-his own mother describes him as “full of hate.” If he ever sells out and rides for some chumpy company, I’ll be the first to kick him in the nuts. Pennsylvania-death before dishonor.-Jon Kramer