Check Out 15.8 Robbie Sell

Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Technine, Quiksilver, Electric, Sugar Bowl

Ski Resort

Age: 22

Origin: Truckee, California

Coordinates: Truckee, California

Stance: Regular. Fifteen degrees front, negative-twelve rear, and 21-

and-a-half inches wide.

Robbie’s a nice, smart kid with a unique sense of style, and one of the best jibbers I know. He’s not a stuntman, but a true technician-his gift is for precision combos and super-tech snowboarding. If you spot a kid at Boreal doing harder tricks than the ones seen in videos, it’s Robbie.-Blaise Rosenthal



?SNB1508 010(A-E)

A frontside invert-in Wrangler jeans, no less! Sequence: Ruben

Sanchez. Location: Mt. Hood