Check Out 15.8 Andrew Forgash

Name: Andrew Forgash
Sponsors: Nitro, Blindside, Burning Bridges Productions
Age: 21
Origin: Ithaca, New York
Coordinates: Salt Lake City
Stance: Regular. Nine degrees front, negative-three rear, and 22 inches wide

The first time you see Andy you’ll probably think he’s wasted or a little slow, but he’s neither. It just goes to show what he’ll do to make sure everyone’s having fun-or at least that he is. He’s been fired from two summer camps, and his best friends want to kill him. But nobody can stay mad at Andy. If you see him snowboard or skate, that’s where his true personality shines. He has a powerful and smooth style with a solid bag of tricks. A little forewarning: if you see a redheaded stepchild wearing a tie-dyed shirt reading, “I hate hippies,” and he’s holding a roll of toilet paper with matches-just walk the other way.-Tonino Copene