Check Out 15.6 Travis Rice

Name: Travis Rice Sponsors: Rossignol, DC, Oakley, Faction Denim, Jack’s Garage,

Grenade Gloves, Nixon, Jackson Hole Age: 19 Origin: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Coordinates: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Stance: Goofy. Nineteen degrees front, three degrees rear, and 21

inches wide

The first time I rode with Travis, the landings were beat and no one stuck anything-but he tried hard and went bigger than everyone. I respected Travis for that, along with his humble attitude, but hadn’t yet realized his potential. Next time out we built a large reentry kicker, and Rice just killed it-going huge and sticking everything he tried. It was amazing. It wasn’t until the Superpark that I saw his true ability-stepping up and straight airing the biggest jump no one had successfully cleared yet. It was over a hundred feet in distance, the takeoff was really steep and extremely narrow-it just didn’t really look possible. Then he backside 180’d it, and stuck it, first try-eventually pulling backside rodeo 540s over the jump as well. To witness these feats gave me the chills, and affected me in a way that no one has since the first time I saw Terje ride.-Bryan Iguchi