Check out 15.6 TJ

Name: TJ SchneiderSponsors: CAPiTA, Sessions, Smith, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Technine, Freewheelin’ skate shop Age: 21Origin: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Coordinates: Whistler, B.C.Stance: Regular. Twenty-one degrees front, negative-twelve rear, and 22-inches wide

If TJ is around and you can’t find him-check a nearby bed. He’s probably taking a nap or listening to a new CD in the corner. TJ’s riding is fueled by the pure aspect of having fun. He makes hard tricks look easy-450s onto rails, and switch runs in the pipe. After witnessing TJ’s moves you’ll find yourself saying, “I could do that,” only to come away beat ’cause the trick was harder than he made it look. Anyway, you get the point-this kid will be added to the Canadian greats of the sport.-Dave Lee