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Name: Mads JonssonSponsors: Burton, DragonAge: NineteenOrigin: Oslo, NorwayCoordinates: Hemesdal, NorwayStance: Regular. Fifteen degrees forward, negative-six back, and 22-inches wide

Interview: TWS staffWhat terrain do you prefer? It must be backcountry kickers. The sickest feeling is to stick a trick in a powder landing. I also like to ride good parks with all the proper elements-big kickers and rails, with a groomed pipe.

Where do you draw your inspiration? Riding with friends-it’s when you’re on the slope having fun that you learn new tricks. And when you learn new stuff, you get inspired to ride more. Boarding with music is also fun-it’s almost like your own little snowboard movie, and it helps things come to me easier.

What kind of music? Mostly rap and hip-hop-the beats have to be chill and relaxed. What do you like to do besides snowboard? I’ve been fishing all my life. Mostly fly-fishing with my dad. I also really like surfing.

Name three items you would bring to a deserted island. My surfboard, Sex Wax, and my fishing rod.-TWS Staff