Check Out 15.6 Annie Boulanger

Name: Annie Boulanger

Sponsors: Salomon, Billabong

Age: 22

Origin: Montreal, Quebec

Coordinates: Whistler, Blackcomb

Stance: Goofy. Fifteen degrees front, negative-three rear, and

21.5 inches wide

Annie is your typical girl: she loves to talk on the phone, loves shopping, and most of all, loves to talk about other people’s business. When Annie asked me and Alex to do her intro, she didn’t realize we were going to expose her personal life.-J-F

J-F Pelchat: How did you and Annie become friends? Alex Auchu: She asks so many questions-by the time I answered them all we were friends.

I heard a couple years back you kissed her. How was it? Not that good, because she ran off with my roommate the following week.

You tried to kiss her once and failed? I was pretty messed up and tried to talk my way into it-but she was too smart and turned me down.

Didn’t you think she had a high voice at first? Yep, really annoying, but when I got to know her, I got over it.

She has really gotten better at snowboarding than we ever thought. Yeah, she’s stronger now, and has really cleaned up her style.

I remember how she used to eat shit and still try again. She still does, because she’s determined to progress.

She is the only girl that sticks with us because she can ride and has a good sense of humor I hope she still hangs with us after reading this!

Captions106Showing her backside at Grouse Mountain, B.C. Photo: ScottSerfas.com110Photo: Kale Gray