Check Out 14.8:Tristan Picot

Name: Tristan Picot
Age: 17
Sponsors: Rossignol, Arnette, Drake, Northwave, Quiksilver, Nixon, Level, and Globe

Tristan grew up in a town close to the French Alps known for a famous smelly cheese named after it: Saint Marcellin. Despite all the smell, he skates really well and now spends most of his winter snowboarding, because he’s part of a special high school program allowing him to ride whenever conditions are good or contests are going on. His dreams have already come true now that he lives most of his winter in Chamonix at the Charlet family’s house, riding sick terrain with Babs and his little brother Douds all the time. Tristan’s riding got much better in the past two years, and he’ll most likely be one of France’s top riders by the end of the season.

Tristan’s a real solid, technical rider, probably from riding steep stuff in Chamonix and hanging with the World Cup halfpipe riders most of the winter. For the past two years, learning more about the mountains has been a goal of his. Cruising in the Alps has certainly helped him out, and he went to Finland for a training camp with the rest of the French halfpipe team. They ended up on a survivor mission, riding the iciest indoor halfpipe ever in a fridge at the base of a local ski resort. He came back really happy, however, and said he learned a lot about edge control on real hard snow-he obviously always looks on the bright side of life.