Check Out 14.8:Sylvain Beauchasne

Sylvain Beauchasne
Age: 22
Resides: Whistler, B.C. (but he’s a “frog”)
Sponsors: Sims, Link Bindings, EXP Outerwear, Oakley, and Empire Board ShopThanks: Mom and Dad for raising him so well.
Hobbies: Golf, pool, and spending most of his time with his fiancÇe Priscilla

Like many up-and-coming riders, Sylvain is trying to make a name for himself. What sets him apart from the rest is he’s an all-around rider: parks, pipes, rails, and big-mountain skills-he’s got them all. He had a sick part in the video The Gathering, which is where we first noticed Sylvain’s skills. He’s a Frenchy, and because of this, he likes to get loud. Luckily the folks at Forum don’t like loud kids. Sylvain is now focused on showing the world how good he really is. In snowboarding, a picture will tell you a thousand things, but having the right video part will determine whether you make it to the next level. Look for Sylvain in the new Mack Dawg and Kingpin videos.-T. Wood

What I respect are people who stand for what they believe in. Sylvain is not conventional; he’s Montreal’s finest. As for snowboarding, with Sylvain I don’t worry about it. He handles it a lot better than the average.-Daniel Migneault

Beauch is a real French guy. He’s a lover, he’s emotional, and when he wants something, he goes and gets it. He won’t leave until he lands his trick. Sometimes he’s a little bitch, but he pushes snowboarding to the tip, like in his section in The Gathering. He’s a good motivator, always pumped, and fun to ride with.-Martin Gallant

I’ve seen lots of French Canadians move to the West since I’ve come to Whistler, but Sylvain is one who stands out. I had the chance to film with Sylvain last winter, and I can tell you he’ll destroy pretty much everything with a smooth style. Sylvain’s definitely a rider to look out for in the next film by Malevolent Productions.-Pascal Gallant

Beauch can do it, do it all, with mad style. If you’re one of Beauch’s friends, he’ll do anything for you, from letting you stay over to hooking you up with whatever you need.-David Aubry