Check Out 14.8:Danny Kass

Name: Danny Kass
Age: Eighteen
Sponsors: Northwave, Drake, Quiksilver, GNU, Dragon, Mom, Dad, all my friends I steal stuff from, and Red Bull.

There was a time, many moons ago, when I gave my brother his first skateboard. Normally this wouldn’t be anything worth writing about, but in a few short weeks Danny’s skateboarding abilities had surpassed those of all of my friends. Ever since, I’ve known better than to put limits on his talents.

Danny’s ability to progress and learn tricks has led him to be one of the best halfpipe riders in the world. The fact that he has won nationals five times attests to this. His mastery of the pipe was further proven this season with a fourth place at the Vans Triple Crown in Breckenridge, Colorado. Then, less than a week later, Danny took first at the Grand Prix in Okemo, Vermont. Few may understand the irony of this win, but the fact of the matter is Danny was banned from Okemo less than a year ago.

Danny was once a student at Okemo Mountain School, the teachers there had little respect and patience for Danny’s comic genius. His tenure was ended with a food fight of monstrous proportions that resulted in Danny being permanently “released.” So Danny moved on to the greener pastures of Mammoth Mountain, California, where his abilities have further blossomed. -Matt Kass

How many car accidents have you been in?
Umm, I have to think for a second. Three … umm, nine.

Were they all your fault?
Yeah, most of them. I mean, no. No! It was the other guy, and one rabid deer.

Why do people call you Danbo?
When I was around seven or eight I used to run around the house dressed in a Rambo outfit, and it kind of stuck.

Are you straight outta Jersey?
That’s where I lived most of my life, but I also grew up in Florida and just recently moved to Mammoth.