Check Out 14.8: Jesse Fox

Name: Jesse Fox
Age: 21
Lives: Whistler, B.C.
From: Collingwood, Ontario
Sponsors: Burton, Nixon, Globe, Anon, Full Tilt
Hair: Dyed
Socks: Matching
Drink: White Russians
Library books: Overdue
Companions: Daryl Trinidad, Cam Weishar, Jon Roth, Kris Wilson, and Adam Levitt

Jesse works at the Gap. Not to make money, but to “have something to do” in the off-season. Oh yeah, he also enjoys the generous employee discounts. Jesse wears glasses, but he doesn’t need them to correct his vision-it’s a style thing. Jesse and his friends dressed up as the boyband ‘NSync for Halloween. Which one was Jesse? The cute one, of course. Jesse listens to emo-core music or “relationship rock” as he describes it. This increases his sensitivity by 33.3 percent. Jesse is rarely pleased with his snowboarding. He can stomp a big, technical trick, but still find a reason to criticize himself. Jesse lives in a Whistler townhouse with three friends. Two of them sleep in bunkbeds, and one sleeps in a closet. Jesse? He gets the master bedroom. Jesse has watched every single video available for rent in Whistler Village-twice. At the age of five, Jesse blew out his birthday candles with a hair dryer.-Matt Houghton

Jesse likes jibbing and park riding, too. Maybe it’s because he can’t afford a snowmobile to go roop up the backcountry. Or maybe he’s just a street skater at heart. But long after the chairlifts grind to a halt, he can be spotted railsliding anywhere he can muster up enough speed. One time he and some friends tied a rope to a truck and took turns towing each other toward a jump they made in the parking lot of a Collingwood grocery store. How many riders see an IGA and think, “Um, I better go get my snowboard.”?-Luke Fox