Check Out 14.8: Danny Wheeler

Name: Danny Wheeler
Age: 24
Sponsors: Duotone, Westbeach, Oakley, Thirty-two boots, G-Shock, and Motorola

It takes a ridiculous amount of dedication for a rider from Britain to make it to the upper echelons of the snowboarding world. To graduate from the plastic dryslope scene and attain a good all-round level of riding is an achievement in and of itself, but to then have the determination to take that to the next level and out into the wider world is another thing entirely. That’s one of the main characteristics about Danny Wheeler’s riding and his character in general. And it’s this determination, coupled with his individual and highly technical approach to snowboarding, that has led him to his current position as one of Europe’s outstanding snowboarders.

Born in Yorkshire in 1976, Danny first started snowboarding in the time-honored British fashion a decade ago at the local dry ski slope. Early on, his innate talent and style shone through as he embarked on the next stage: traveling to the mountains to further his skills, fired all the time by a love of the sport and a desire to progress his riding on all levels. He now lives year-round in the French Alpine town of Bourg Saint Maurice, well placed to ride his home mountain of Les Arcs and hit the road once the need arises.

It should be noted that this outline of Danny’s “dryslope-to-mountains-to-sponsorship” background barely hints at his versatility. Whether it’s a bullet-proof pipe, a powder kicker, or a sketchy handrail in the center of town, Danny can ride it all. In truth, his riding is a perfect reflection of his personality: entertaining, thought provoking, and at home in any company. He can be shy, but once a bond is formed, he’s funny, quick-witted, generous, and a loyal friend.

Since his early days, Danny has had to work harder than most to get where he is now, and it’s really gratifying to see him finally achieve the success he deserves. After impressing at the Volcom family gathering in Tandadalen last year, Danny’s garnered an invite to the Air and Style at Innsbruck, Austria. There’s no doubt he’ll use this stage to continue to rewrite the rules as to what’s possible for a British rider to achieve.-Matt Barr