Check Out 14.7:Shenandoah Sampson

Name: Shenandoah Sampson
Age: 24
Home mountain: Squaw Valley, California
Years riding: Nine
Sponsors: M3 and Oakley

Do you remember the kid in high school who had rocker hair, wore Metallica shirts, and tried to avoid social contact? You probably thought he’d be a shift manager at Circle K for the rest of his life, but while you were busy making fun of him, he was daydreaming about backside 720s, rodeo flips, and Schrîdingers (do yourself a favor and look that one up).

Shenandoah was one of those abovementioned kids. He hails from the little town of Hardwick, Vermont, and he once lived under a Ping-Pong table for an entire winter. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from someone who attended the University of Nevada, Reno on a full-ride physics grant and is currently molding his brain at the prestigious Dartmouth College.

Shen has lived in Tahoe for the past six winters and has also paid his dues at Mt. Hood during the summers. He can usually be found riding Squaw Valley with dirty Scotty Whitlake, revin’

Kevin English, Neil “Naptime” Goss, Blaisenthal, or me. Last winter Shen was finally able to display a sliver of his talent in front of Torey Piro’s cameras. You can check out his part in Torey’s new movie Hi-Fi.

Spinnen-doah, Shenan-doughnut, Shenan-broah, Shifty Shen-I’ve heard them all, but let’s get it straight. His first name is Shenandoah (pronounced Shen-an-doe-uh), and his last name is Sampson. His parents didn’t give him a middle name just in case he didn’t like his first name and wanted to name himself. Well, Shen likes his first name, and he likes snowboarding.-Jeycob Carlson

Back in the mid 90s when snowboarding was just out of the old jib craze, snowboarders were looking for something new to try. Since the new jib craze had yet to happen and people were spinning like tops, what could come next? Flips. Well, backflips, frontflips, and even misty flips had been played out by about ’95, so a new trick was about to be born-it was called the rodeo. But before it was ever published or used in a movie, my good friend Shenandoah did it before my very eyes. Shen invented the rodeo flip.-Neil Goss