Check Out 14.7:Mike Page

By Tanya Berger

When were you born?
June 29, 1976.
Who are your sponsors?
Forum, Foursquare, Iris, and The Circle skate and snowboard shop.

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from.
I’m from a small town called Shawinigan. It’s situated between Montreal and Quebec city. That’s where I had the most fun in my life with my family and friends. I have a really tight group of friends I’ve known since I was very little. I miss hanging out at the bonfires and the nights at the cabins with all my friends. But what can you do? I guess this is growing up.

What are the advantages of being a pro snowboarder?
Well it’s rad ’cause I get to know a different culture. But the best part is that I get to do what I like to do every day.

It seems you’re some kind of a ninja judging from your part in The Resistance. Do you fight a lot?
No, only when I need to. Fighting is like changing a tire, you don’t want to do it but you have to know how!

Let’s say you find a bottle and a genie gives you three wishes, what would they be?
My first wish would be to bring Bruce Lee back to life.My second wish would be to steal all the West Coast mountains and bring them into Quebec, so I could live with my family and friends.My third wish is to be mentally and physically healthy all my life.

Any thanks?
Thanks to my mom, dad, my brother and his girlfriend. Thanks to my girlfriend, Tanya, for being the wonderful person she is-I will always love you. Thanks to my friends, you know who you are. Thanks to Dano, Devun, Shawn, Peter, Steve Ruff, Dufficy, David Boyce, Wess, Mark, and everyone at Four Star Canada and U.S.A.