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Name: Spencer Forbes
Date of birth: January 9, 1981
Home: Burnaby, British Columbia
Sponsors: World Industries, Dub clothing, Vans boots, Mt. Seymour, and support from Iris goggles.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, skateboarding, weight training, and hanging with my bros.

Where were you born?
West side of Compton, where I learned to sling crack on the corner of Broadway.


Ever get in trouble with gangs?
No, I was the good one. My bro’s the one who starts everything; I just get stuck defending him.

Ever get your ass kicked ’cause of your twin brother?
Yeah, how do you think I got my nickname?

What name might that be?
Wild Coyote Kid.

Care to explain how you got the nickname?
Well, my bro Scott caused some shit at the Coyote Club in Vancouver, and I jumped in to help him. Next thing I knew, I was facing off with four bouncers-not a good plan. Don’t try it.

Does being a twin have its upside?
Yeah, always having a brother around who likes the same things as I do and is also my friend is great.

Anyway, back to the boards. Where do you ride?
I ride mostly at Mt. Seymour, but also at Blackcomb and Whistler.

How do you like Seymour?
It’s amazing. The backcountry has so much to offer. Another reason is the staff listens to you and takes suggestions about how to make it the terrain better for riders.

What do you like most about snowboarding?
I really like the atmosphere-just riding with friends and having fun.

Do you have any future plans?
Well, I hope to travel, do as many contests as possible, and just be a better rider, but I don’t really know what I want long-term. I just want to have fun and do well with my riding.

Do you want to thank anyone?
I’d like to thank my parents, my brother Scott, Becky, Rob D., Dave B., Don W., Max J., Dave C., Andy B., Josh L., Matt, Colin, Rob R., Aaron, my sponsors, and whoever I might’ve forgotten-thanks.