Check Out 14.6:Wolfgang

Name: Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt
Born: December 27, 1977
Sponsors: Dragon Optical, Billabong, Salomon

Wolle was born in Salzburg, Austria, but quickly moved to the best spot in the mountains-Mayrhofen in Tyrol. There’s not a single European magazine he wasn’t covered in last year. Wolle rides more or less every day and competes in many jump and pipe contests. His best results last year were third place at the Innsbruck Air and Style Quaterpipe Contest and first place at the ésthetiker Jam Session.

Last year Wolle was shooting and filming in Alaska, Whistler, and Japan, mostly for this year’s Tribal video. He’s also one of the founders of the famous Austrian snowboard gang called the ésthetiker. Other members are Steve Gruber, Friedl Kolar, Gogo, and Beckna.-Martin Seah

I first met Wolle on the Hintertux glacier. People were waiting to drop into the pipe, including me. Suddenly, a small kid screamed from all the way in the back, snaked everyone, and busted a big frontside air. I asked, “Who’s that?”And someone just said, “Wolle.”

Seven years later, this kid is now a good friend and we share an apartment. He is a hyper-motivated snowboarder, but competitions are not usually his thing. Wolle prefers to snowboard in the natural environment. Wolfgang loves the mountains and respects them a lot more than most.

Wolle’s dad is a race-sports fan and mountain dude, so guess what Wolle likes most besides snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing? Right, motocross. I can’t think of anyone else who can ride as well as Wolle can in all these elements, in his easy style that tells you this bro has control.

When Wolle finds a good reason to party, the barkeepers write down a big plus at the end of the night. Usually he’s pretty laid-back when he’s chilling at home in the Zillertal. Wolle’s favorite place in the wintertime is at home where he likes to hang out with his girlfriend and friends (die ésthetiker). Otherwise he loves going to Whistler for a little bit of snowmobiling action.-Steve Gruber