Check Out 14.6:Kevin English

Name: Kevin English
Age: 23
Hometown: Truckee, California
Home mountain: Sugar Bowl, California
Sponsors: Sims, Mantra, Etnies, Thirty-two, and Link Bindings

I first met Kevin about six years ago. I’ve been riding with him ever since, and he’s always stayed true to his born-and-raised Truckee roots of freeriding. Kevin rides the entire mountain-halfpipe, booters, cliffs, chutes-he loves it all.

What impresses me most about Kevin is that he went to college throughout his snowboarding career, graduating from Cal Poly with a 3.5 G.P.A. in Industrial Technology. He kicks ass in both school and snowboarding, while most of us struggle to do just one. Did I mention he also designed all of Sims’ gloves and packs for next year? But even though Kevin’s fresh out of college with a degree under his belt and job opportunities all around him, the only thing he can think about is snowboarding. He could walk in any direction, but for now he’s just going to enjoy being a pro and traveling until the time is right for him to someday become your boss. Cheers, Kevin-you kick ass!-Neil Goss

I met Kevin six years ago at Boreal when “everybody” rode there. Boreal’s Jibassic Park was like a training camp for pro snowboarders such as Noah Salasnek, Jim Rippey, Neil Goss, Kevin Jones, John Cardiel, and the Alves brothers. It was at this spawning ground that the young English first caught my eye. He was riding a Kind snowboard with large, yellow smiley faces on the tip and tail, doing tricks I couldn’t do. Kev would loft huge frontside 360 Indys with mad style-girls would scream, little kids dropped their Popsicles, and in the background you’d hear fathers tell their sons, “Now that’s how you poke a frontside three, Billy!”

Since that winter, I’ve spent many days with Kevin “shredding the rad,” listening to his cheesy old-school rap, and teasing him when he accidentally grabs tailfish. He’s always been my friend, ready to try something new whether it’s some crazy jump or a wacked-out jib. Kevin no longer rides a board with smiley faces on it, but he’s throwing down harder than ever.-Jeycob Carlson