Check Out 14.6: Carsten Bahnson

Name: Carsten Bahnson
Age: 22
Sponsors: Option N.F.A, Scott, Da Kine, Bluebird Wax, Faction Denim, and World Boards Snowboard Shop.

What do Montana and Africa have in common? Most people would say absolutely nothing-and they’re right, but Montana and Africa are where Carsten spent his childhood. Out of Africa and away from Montana, Carsten adapted himself to a new environment. Last winter he sort of moved into my house in Jackson Hole without me even noticing. My roommate Rich had invited him to stay with us for a few days. Well, those days turned into weeks, then months, and the next thing I knew it was spring and he was helping me rake leaves in my yard. I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

Carsten jokes around all the time and has a funny sense of humor. At first this kind of bugged me. I couldn’t understand what was so funny: Rich and he would be laughing about something that made no sense, and I thought they were crazy, until I learned the stories behind their inside jokes. He also has a serious side. He’s very dedicated to what he does in life and is good at achieving his goals. Inspired by his grandfather, who trained fighter pilots in WWII, Carsten took up flying airplanes at age seventeen and got his teaching certificate last November. In a weird cross of “Movies For Guys Who Like Movies,” Carsten is living out both his Point Break and Top Gun fantasies by spending his summers in central California teaching people how to fly, and surfing on his days off. All kidding aside, Carsten’s ten years of snowboarding shows, and his riding talent speaks for itself.-Bryan Iguchi