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Full name: Seth Graham Huot
Resides in: Salt Lake City, Utah
D.O.B: March 26, 1977
Sponsors: Airwalk, Dragon, Milo sport, Genetic

What’s up with your last name?
What’s up with it?
Yeah, why doesn’t your family spell it “H-e-w-i-t-t”?’Cause we’re not related to Jennifer Love. No, that’s just the way it is spelled.

How long have you been snowboarding?
Umm, like eight years.

Who were your influences when you first started snowboarding?
My influences? Let’s see, probably just all of my friends. My friend Scott Grim taught me how to snowboard and I was super stoked to ride with him, then just all of the major pros in the videos, Peter Line and whatever, mainly the freestyle influence.

When was the last time your ear got ripped off your face?
The first time and the only time was in Hemsadal, Norway. It was on a stupid rail that I set up, nailed like twenty times, then when they decided to take a picture is when I wrecked and ripped it off, not all the way, but it hurt. Check it out on

Who do you think is the most underrated rider in Utah?
Scotty Goodale. Yeah, what up?

What is the dopest snowboard shop in Utah?
Milo, yeah!

What else do you do besides snowboard?
Hang out with my girlfriend, play drums, swim, whatever, and try to skateboard.

I heard you used to work with hazardous waste?
Yeah, for one summer Buz, Kody, and I had to have money so we worked at this hazardous-waste plant demolishing it, and in the nighttime we’d all glow bright green.

What are some of the most important things in your life?
My girl Julie, she’s the best! Definitely my family: Mom, Dad, and both of my brothers, Ben and Kody. Mainly just being happy and having fun.

You wanna give some shout outs?
Yeah, my tight crew-the BDB-they know who; Rene and the Airwalk boys; what up, Milo? You guys are awesome. Brian Harris and Dragon; what up Elder Brock Harris and Elder Nate Murphy? Be looking for these two dudes when they get off of their missions in a year; Matt Fisher, the legend; Matty and Jordan for getting me the hook; young gunner J.P. Tomich; Shane and 411 snow; the state of Utah; Kendall at the Canyons; and anyone I missed, sorry …