Champion Visions World Offers DVD Authoring and Replication

Champion Visions World Inc, the number one action sports video distributor in Japan since 1989 and now the number one DVD author facility for action sports titles worldwide, is currently expanding its DVD services to the entire action sports community.

“More and more companies have recognized the huge marketing potential of DVD, especially ones with high profile teams and video sponsorships,” says Champion Visions President Kelly Dole. “We know what it’s like at SIA and ASR, not just the deadlines, but who’s walking by and what it takes to pull them in. We understand the needmore thanompanies.”

Champion Visions is now offering DVD authoring to more than just the video producers that they have been working with, including Mack Dawg, Standard, Matchstick, and Kingpin. Champion Visions is expanding to meet the needs of companies that want to take advantage of DVD and video to market to today’s more visually inclined customer.

“DVD can be a great tool to get the word out to customers. Not just at the trade shows, but directly to the buyers who already have DVD players on their computers and Playstations,” says Director of DVD and Video Production Andrius Simutis. “Our experience makes it easy for a company to take advantage of the full potential of DVD without getting into all the technical details.”

DVD is a high quality, high capacity format that can handle more than just video. Companies can take advantage of the photos, video, and other media they already have and can combine it to create a fully interactive catalog that will leave a lasting impression with the customer.Contact: (206) 336-0535