Celsius Names Eastern US Rep Force

Celsius is pleased to announce the acquisition of Dan Kennedy in New England, Dave Spruill in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and Nick Karels in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, to their 04/05 rep force. After leafing through countless resumes and hours of phone interviews, Celsius Footwear has signed some of the most influential reps on the eastern side of the United States.

Dan Kennedy: An industry veteran who has over 7 years experience in the snowboard industry has taken on the New England territory. His lines include Planet Earth, Adio Footwear, Vestal Watches and now Celsius Snowboard Footwear. “We are really stoked to work with Dan, commented Will Talbott, Celsius’s Sales Manager. “He is one of the most professional reps in the industry. Dan lives in New Hampshire and has been representing snowboard lines for almost 7 years.

Dave Spruill; also an industry veteran, will be representing Celsius in the Mid-Atlantic region. Dave is currently working with Tech-Nine bindings and Allian Snowboards. In the summer months Dave works as a consultant to T-Mobile (rumor has it he works closely with Catharine Zeta Jones) in New York City. Dave’s consulting experience is a valuable asset to Celsius. With his industry contacts Dave is fast becoming one of the most sought after industry resources in the Mid-Atlantic. Dave will be working closely with shops and team riders to develop a strong image of the brand in his region.

Nick Karels of Minnesota signed on with proven results with one of the fastest growing board lines in the industry, Academy Snowboards. Not only has Nick has proven himself as a solid rep; he also understands the importance of marketing at the regional level. With all of these qualities Celsius considers themselves privileged to be working with this representative. Nick also works with Mission Six Outerwear and Obey Clothing

Celsius is currently looking for reps in all other regions around the U.S. If you think you have what it takes to represent this brand please contact them by e-mail info@cesliussnow.com.

Celsius Snowboard Footwear is dedicated to making the most comfortable boots on the market by combining, power, control, and design. Celsius has assembled a team of skateboard and snowboard industry veterans and new comers alike to create a reputable force in the snowboard boot market. For more information about Celsius Snowboard Footwear check out our website at www.celsiussnow.com or you can contact Celsius directly by e-mailing them at info@celsiussnow.com.