Celsius Hires Alphonzo Rawls

August 24, 2004, San Diego CA, Celsius Snowboard Footwear is pleased to announce professional skater and footwear developer, Alphonzo Rawls, will be designing the complete 2005/2006 snowboard boot line. Alphonzo has been working closely with the Celsius team and staff developing what they feel is some of the most innovative designs ever in snowboarding. “It’s really important to understand the team’s image when designing a product. commented Alphonzo, “the product is a direct representation of their style. Alphonzo has designed product for nearly all the top skate shoe brands in the industry including, DC, Kastel, and Axion. “Being a skater myself, I know the importance of believing in what you are wearing. Too many companies don’t even give their team a say in the product that is supposed to be designed by them.

Celsius plans to continue using Alphonzo in the future. “His ability to work with the team and staff has proved to be an invaluable asset to the program, remarked Will Talbott, sales manager at Celsius. “We are really stoked to be working with someone so influential in the skate and snowboard industry.

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