Celluloid Snowboarding: “Extreme” sports hit the (really) big

Hold on to your beanies, folks, we’re in for quite a ride. Despite its unfortunate name, the upcoming IMAXrelease Extreme should be well worth the price of admission, marking the first time the dynamic act ofsnowboarding will be included in an IMAX motion picture. IMAX is the largest, most-detailed film formatgoing; the curved screens are usually about six stories high, designed to encompass even your peripheralvision.

Throw in a state-of-the-art sound system and you really get the sensation of “being there”-theon-screen effect is so realistic viewers often find themselves leaning into turns and throwing up their arms toprepare for collisions with seemingly onrushing objects. Extreme (ugh!) is not just a snowboarding flick,though. It will highlight several “adrenaline sports,” like big-wave tow-in surfing, BASE-jumping, and rockclimbing.

The snowboarding was filmed in the mountains surrounding Juneau, Alaska last spring, and ridingtalent included the likes of Craig Kelly and Terje Haakonsen. “The product should be good,” said CraigKelly. “It was kind of a pain in the ass-we shot almost all the runs from the heli, and keeping the rotor bladesout of the frame was a real technical challenge. But I think the results are going to be pretty amazing. I can’twait to see it on the big screen.” You’ll get your chance to check it out on the big screen soonenough-Extreme is set to arrive in IMAX theaters sometime this spring.-E.M.