Caught Up: Wolle Nyvelt

Photos: Scott Sullivan
Words: Hondo

Wolfgang ‘Wolle’ Nyvelt has been shredding for a long time. He’s been filming for Absinthe since day one, and has been a staple on the Salomon and Billabong teams. But what you may not know about Wolle is his passion for the pow surfer. Every year, Wolle, and his friend Steve Gruber hand make Asmo powder surfers for their friends, and other powder enthusiasts. We thought that was really cool, and wanted to find out more. So we hit up Wolle.

How did you become involved in riding a Noboard? When did you decided to take the bindings off of your snowboard?

Salomon put out a Powder snowskate in 2002 and that’s kind of where it started for me to shred without bindings. Also it was the start of the shaping thing, as it came with a regular skate deck, and I wanted something wider and longer so I started building my own concrete molds to build the top decks. After a couple years I got more into the surfside of things and wanted to experiment more with the original fish shapes of the early days of snowboarding like the wintersticks. That’s when my good friend Steve Gruber came into the mix and we started building powsurfers. We thought those boards didn’t really need bindings at all anyways as they are made and designed for floating on, and slashing pow!

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You have your own line of boards, the Asmo pow surfer? What’s up with them? You hand make them right? How can someone who wants to buy one, buy one?
Well just look at the shapes we got and order them online on! They are all handmade here in Mayrhofen, Austria and we sell a limited number per year. It’s more like a hobby you know? But we thought we wanted to put some out there after five years of development as we saw all our friends really liking them.

You go off some pretty gnarly things on the Asmo, and Bode can do big kick flips on his, how do they work? Do some of them have magnets in the traction pads?

Well Bode is just sick on his own and didn't use magnets at all. We started with the magnets a few years ago as it helps hitting jumps when there is already a track. In fresh pow you get a little pop like in water with a surfboard as there is a little rebound when you push the board in but hitting stuff a few times you lose that so we started f*cking around with that. The setup is that there are metal stripes in the pad and magnets in your boots. They don't need to be strong so you can get away easy for one foots and such things but strong enough that the nose doesn't drop away. For flips I'm not really sure if they are good, I did the kickflip with and without, for example the one in absinthe's i think it was “nowhere.” I didn't use them and then for another one had them. For a lot of things they really do help though and the most jumps you see would be probably pretty hard to do without. For regular riding like in Baldface this year were we had some sick sessions i didn't use them as it's kind of nice to not have them and it's hard to fit them in Sorels which are the nicest boots to shred in.

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How was your snowboarding season this year? You filmed for Absinthe again? How many years has it been filming for Absinthe?

F..k it’s been a while for sure. This was my 14th year with Absinthe, real crazy if you think about it. I have been filming with them since Brusti and Justin got together for Tribal and since then I’ve filmed for every movie. It’s just the best crew I can imagine for myself and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen anyone do on a Noboard?

It’s probably the Canadian Chinese Downhill at the GT Memorial, pretty much everything is crazy about that event and watching somebody like Penner shred is sick. Bode (Merrill) got an Äsmo  a couple of years ago and he has done some sick tricks, and I think there’s more to come with his skills. What I’m still really stoked about is when Terje took his first runs on the Äsmo on a japan trip we were on together. He’s such a naturally gifted rider, the moment he stepped on the board he ripped with his unique style and rode the most fluid that I’ve seen so far.

Now that the season is winding down, what’s your plan for the summer?
Im off to Indo for a month or so, and I’m hoping for a Chile trip in August to get back on the the snow. I love it down there. It’s the best country in the world!

Now that’s a timeless stalefish… PHOTO: Scott Sullivan