Caught Up With Mark “Lando” Landvik

Mark post-shred, pre-apres at Baldface. Photo: Ryan Boyes

Mark post-shred, pre-apres at Baldface. Photo: Ryan Boyes

Lando is a rider's rider—what the hell does that even mean? He wallows in snowboarding to the core—we ran into him at Baldface Lodge riding with the Volcom crew. In those few days, we witnessed feats of riding, feats of drinking, one-liners for days, and general full on awesomeness. Sometimes he rode in a gorilla suit, sometimes he wore a six-pack belt and fired beers across the lodge, sometimes he made the round of Irish car bombs mandatory, but he always put a smile on your face. He comes from Alaska, lives in Bellingham, and damn can he ride a snowboard. Here's what he's up to right now …

What has your best day of the year been so far?
Definitely one of these days up at Baldface Lodge with the Volcom boys for sure. Actually today just riding with Jamie [Lynn], Gerry [Lopez], Billy [Anderson], Wooly, Iguchi, Kevin's brother Adam Pearce—the whole crew… it's pretty much an all time crew.

Worst day of the year so far?
Two weeks ago I got caught in an avalanche and had to fight my way through some trees and fidget away from some gnarly cliffs—I ended up taking a double gainer off a 50-foot cliff into some not-so-soft snow. I got a golf ball hematoma on my right butt cheek.

Lando—sending it off a Baldface nugget. Photo: Ryan Boyes

Lando—sending it off a Baldface nugget. Photo: Ryan Boyes

Have you been filming this winter?
Yep, I was barely even snowboarding before this trip—I had back issues the entire Fall, so I've only filmed four days with Brainfarm. So yeah, this is my first filming trip for the year. I hurt my back in Haines last year, and then it was okay, and then this summer I was remodeling my house tiling the shower and stuff, and this soft muscle tissue thing laid me out for two months, just laid out on the floor—couldn't even walk. I did tons of physical therapy, massage, personnal trainer, just to get it to where I could snowboard again.

How would you sum up your trip to Baldface?
Irish car bombs. All time.

Any contests or obligations outside of filming?
Nope. Not this year … or any year for that matter. I mean, there aren't that many contest out there that I want to be involved with. Riding pow and freeriding—that's what I'm into, the contests that do where they send people down stuff whether the snow's good or not, I definitely don't like that. So, no contest, no obligations, just have fun and snowboard.

Is anything stressing you out?
My bar tab is kind of stressful since Billy [Anderson] told me I didn't have to pay for anything and now I have an 800 dollar bar tab after the first night that I have to pay for.

What's hyping you up?
Just being at Baldface—hanging out with good people and snowboarding. It doesn't really matter whether the conditions are good, it's pretty soft, variable, and every run it seems like we we're just having more fun.

Do you have a motto you're living by this winter?
I guess a few—Just give 'er! Sending! Drop it like it's hot. Don't be afraid to pull the slope's pants down. When in doubt pin it out. If you're scared you're a f—king pussy. And finally, Rice is nuts—I don't want to do what he does …

What's your plan for the rest of the season?
I was hoping to get some time off to film for Standard or the new Gigi movie, I might just have to go full on with Brainfarm, which is fine for me with the exception that I won't have any footage coming out this winter.

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Going to Juneau on the 4th of July—it's an annual trip I usually do, Brainfarm is going to come with me and document my history and where I came from. I'm also thinking of maybe buying a new house somewhere close to the water in Washington so I can drink Ceasars at sunset.

What kind of music are you listening to?
I'm pretty into buying tchotchke everywhere I go—sassy feet, shotglasses, whatever, so I went to this store the other day and they had $2 for 10 CD packs. I bought all-time greatest Irish sing-a-longs, greatest hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and Country hits. I just kind of listen to whatever—it doesn't matter. And my girlfriend left her iPod in my truck so I've been listening to what she has. I'm not even sure what it is but I like it.

Any sponsor changes or life changes you want to talk about?
I just met Keoni [Watson] on this trip—he's the most local haoli in Hawaii, he has his own sunscreen company called Vertra, so I got a sunscreen sponsor this week. Besides that I'm working really hard for Volcom and the outerwear line. And just working with Pos and Pete and everyone at Mervin trying to make the sickest Lib boards in the world.