There's something about zany French Canadian, Magalie Dubois, that makes her a magnet for attention. It could be her eclectic fashion sense, or the raspy accent and playful grin, but this quasi-illegal immigrant's got a lot going on: aspiring masseuse, fashionista, shoe connoisseur, and she makes a mean Poutine.

As a fine Canadian citizen, do you have many border patrol issues since you have to come and go so much?
Just being a Canadian snowboarder coming across the border so much raises a red flag. You get stopped all the time.

Got any good stories?
When I was coming back form the Nikita shoot in Iceland I got stopped at customs in MN, questioned for 4 hours, and almost deported back to Canada. It was because I’m halfway through the process of getting residency, but I’m half ‘Indian’ and didn’t have my papers with me. I cried a little bit and that helped to get me out of it. It’s definitely getting harder to snowboard and travel a bunch.

You’ve had a few serious concussions, do they still come back to haunt you?
Yeah, last February I overshot a jump at Park City and blacked out for like a minute or two. I didn’t remember my age or my birthday. I spent two days in the hospital, and woke up with a catheter in place. It took me a good month to feel normal. I was dizzy all the time. I was hesitant to get back to jumping, but snowboarding at High Cascade all summer helped me get back in the game. Sometimes when I lean my head back, I can feel the sensitive spot and a weird head rush comes over me.

What is the signature 'Magalie Dubois' way to shred?
I'd say I’m kind of aggressive. I’m not really into park at all these days. I’d rather go find random stuff that looks unique to ride on. I want to get more into backcountry, which is something I’ve gotten to ride more this year. I’m not sure if it's because I'm getting older or what, but that’s the way to go. It makes me wonder why I ever spent so much time in the park.

How do you spot something that the average human might not think twice about snowboarding on?
I don't quite know how to explain it, I just see things differently I guess. I like to be artistic and creative while snowboarding. I’d rather do something that's going to look good and smooth instead of hucking a ballerina 9 or something. Obviously, it has to look interesting and have some consequence to it, or else it wouldn’t be worthy. You get a couple of bruises in the process, but these days I’m more interested in staying healthy and in shape than getting too crazy.

Being part of Team Nikita, what’s it like participating in snowboarding as a ‘team sport’?
I actually think it's really fun. I count some of those girls as my best friends, and I got the meet them through Nikita. There is a good mix of all personality and riding types in the group. Whenever we do events together, its a great time to bond and get to know each other better. I look forward to seeing all the girls at our events!

Your new movie project, "Peep Show", has quite the risqué connotation. What’s the deal?
Well, you know, sex sells! My friend Esthera Preda has been making movies for fun over the past few years that I've gotten to work on. During the 39-hour drive to UT, we decided it would be a great idea to bring the project to the next level. We wanted to highlight some more of the underdogs, and some of the girls that are a little more under the radar. We are just trying to keep it basic and real.

I hear you’re going back to school in the fall, what for?
I'm starting school this spring for massage therapy and taking the generals. Then in the fall semester, I’m going to start on fashion design. I’ll head back to SLC next winter for the season, and then start school back up next may.

So, how many pairs of high tops do you own?
Uhh, I have like 10 pairs of Dunks. I should contact Nike. My favorites are my bright red Air Forces. When they are dead I'll recycle them and spray paint them gold. I’m really into tie dying these days too.

You make a hell of a Poutine. What’s your secret recipe?
Well, it's pretty basic: French fries. brown gravy, and cheese curd. The gravy and the cheese are the key. The best sauce is from Quebec called ‘St. Hubert’s’, and the cheese curds have to be the ‘squeaky’ kind. That's it!