Jess Kimera charging a gap around Whistler, BC., Canada. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Jess Kimura is an animal. The way she approaches tricks is similar to watching a lion attack its pray. Patient and meticulous, until it’s time to pounce, then it’s on.  That’s the way Jess tries her tricks. She goes after it until she gets it, or until she physically can’t try it anymore. There’s no half-assing anything with Jess. Last year though, she was plagued by serious injuries. But if you think that a silly little thing like major, career threatening injuries could stop her, well then you’re dead wrong. Even though Jess couldn't film a trick until May, she was still able to put down two amazing video parts. One for the Capita movie, Defenders of Awesome, and another in Peepshow's movie Winter Wars. And this year she’s going to be filming for a new TransWorld Webseries that kicks off in a few weeks. We sat down with Jess to see what her plans are for this upcoming winter, and how she's going to keep pushing women's snowboarding.

Jess Kimura. High Cascade Snowboard Camp. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

So first things first, you got injured a ton last winter, what happened?

Well the first Capita filming trip that I went on last winter, to Prince George in B.C., I came in a little too hot on a jump, and ended up blowing out my hip. I also ended up getting a pretty serious concussion. The concussion was so bad that every time I would start to move, I would fall to the right, and have no balance. That went on for a month or so. That was my first injury. Once I healed, and I started to ride again, I got really sick. I got something like Meningitis, but not quite as bad.  So that was another month that I couldn't snowboard. And then when I finally got over being sick I went to Jackson Hole and tore my MCL in my knee.

Damn, this was all this past winter?

Yeah, I didn't really film anything until May.

But you still ended up putting out two awesome parts?

Yeah, I guess yeah. I wouldn’t call them awesome, but whatever…

Jess Kimura. High Cascade Snowboard Camp. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

How was it filming for two videos this season even though you were hurt the entire time?

It was the hardest thing I've ever done. It just took raw determination pretty much. I definitely took some years off my life by doing it. No joke. I pushed through but it was really, really hard on me, mentally and physically.

Jess Kimera. PHOTO: Andy Wright


You had a part in ThinkThank's movie last winter (Right Brain Left Brain, 2009/10 season).  How was it being the only girl in the crew?

They didn't treat me like a girl at all. Jesse Burtner (the creative mastermind behind Think Thank) told me recently that when I first started filming for them he sent out an email being like, ‘we have a girl with us now; none of you can bang her.’ But other than Jesse telling me that, I never once felt singled out as the only girl. The crew never treated me like a girl, but I made sure to work extra hard so I wouldn't be treated any different either.

Jess Kimura. High Cascade Snowboard Camp. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What are your plans for this upcoming winter?

I just want to go insane this winter! I have a ton of pent up energy from just sitting around last year that I'm just ready to go and get crazy.

Do you have any trips planned for this coming winter?

I'm going to go to Alaska hopefully. I also want to go back to Jackson Hole. Man, I'm going to be everywhere I can really. I'm going to be shredding around the Whistler area, and the Interior B.C., Spokane,, Washington when it snows. I want to also go on a couple rail trips, but mostly I want to do different things that I haven't done in the past.


Jess Kimura. High Cascade Snowboard Camp. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Damn that sounds intense, One last question: What is your take on  the standard in snowboarding where few females go above and beyond. women's snowboarding that not too many girls go above and beyond, where it almost keeps women’s snowboarding from progressing to another level?

I am trying to bust right through that "bubble". I just have this something in me that makes me want to charge really hard. I'm not trying to make anyone look bad or anything, I just want to make women’s snowboarding look good. And that's the biggest thing that I think a lot of girls don't focus on, is trying to make snowboarding look good. Not just doing a trick because they can fully rotate it and land it, but doing the trick and making it pleasing to the eye. The only time people are going to actually watch your snowboarding is if the way you snowboard actually looks good. Hopefully I  can do my part and make my snowboarding look good. If my shredding can look good, then hopefully younger girls, or any girls for that matter, will get motivated to better the way they snowboard.


jess Kimura. High Cascade Snowboard Camp. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen