Annie Boulanger bs 180 to super flat, Whistler Backcountry, BC. Photo: Phil Tifo

Annie Boulanger bs 180 to super flat, Whistler Backcountry, BC. Photo: Phil Tifo

Fresh off an October domination of the Transworld Business “Exposure-Meter” and a Best Female Video Part nomination at the 2009 Transworld Riders Poll Awards, Annie Boulanger has been laying down the law in the Whistler backcountry alongside fellow Absinthe riders Romain DeMarchi, DCP, and Jake Blauvelt. We caught up with her on a rare down day while she was resting her bones and waiting for the storm.

I heard Whistler had one of the best opening few weeks in history. Were you there to get in on that?

It was amazing! I was away on a surf trip and came back sooner to get the early opening of the mountain. It was so deep opening day, and it didn't stop dumping for two weeks strait. I've never seen that much snow that fast. We could go everywhere in the trees and drop cliffs—it was all ready to go. Such an amazing way to start the winter.

How's the rest of the winter been going? More powder?

The winter's been really sweet. We have so much snow here that I've been staying at home and riding the hill a bunch with my friends. We just went sledding a bit these past few days—took it easy with pow slashes cause features are looking a little sharky still, rocks in the landings and such. Another dump Whistler-style and we should be good to go.

So how much do you ride the resort when it's dumping?

I have a policy of not shooting and riding the mountain as much as possible before Christmas—that's my time to ride and get back on my board. It’s the best time of the year, just riding everyday with my friends and having fun. It's important, because that's the reason why I wanted to be a pro snowboarder in the first place—and it really makes you a better rider. Once we start shooting, though, life is different—my life revolves around the snow and the weather. And when we're not shooting, I'm chilling 'cause I get so tired from snowmobiling.

You were at the top of the Transworld Business "Exposure-meter" in October? Do you have big plans to maintain the media circus?

Ha ha—that's crazy I was up there! It's hard to keep up to guys like Gigi and Pat more, but I’ll do my best to stay on top of it.

Photo: Nick Hamilton

Photo: Nick Hamilton

You're filming with absinthe again this winter—how's that been going?

Yes, I love filming with Absinthe—the crew is awesome. We've been sledding a few times, and Romain has been killing it—sending it in sketchy pillow lines through tight trees. I've been pretty mellow, checking stuff out, getting back in snowmobile shape, and getting used to that scary feeling before you hit something …

Who's on your crew?

The crew up here is bigger this year. Romain, DCP, Marie-France Roy, and I are the Whistler crew, and then Jake Blauvelt and Lucas Debari are on the crew also now. Those guys are so sick—I think it will be so fun to ride with them and watch them live.

Sick crew! Do you have any specific goals for your video part this year—anything you want to switch up or improve from last year?

My goal is to not blow it.

Ha ha what do you mean?

At the beginning of the year I always forget that I can snowboard. Plus, I'd like to get better at doing lines and tricks and be more creative with the features I pick.

What are you excited about right now?

I'm pretty exited, 'cause it's suppose to dump this weekend, so we'll be riding deep pow again! We'll be able to go ride the trees and launch some cliffs!

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