Caught up with Alexis Waite

Photo:Christy Chaloux

Caught Up with Alexis Waite

Words by Jess Roy

If you've hung out with Alexis Waite A.K.A. Lexi, ('Sexy Lexi' to some)… for even 5 minutes you know you're in for a whirlwind of a time. The girl's always up to something: fashion and interior design, holistic experiments ('hippie health elixirs'), culinary trials and tribulations, jet setting, general mischief—never mind killing it on her snowboard daily. Get ready for a hell of a ride.

You seem to continually reinvent yourself every season like Madonna. What's your secret to staying motivated and keepin' it fresh?

This season, my secret is to listen to myself and do what I want to do– for me. I try to keep outside influences to a minimum because people seem to have their own opinions as to what you should or shouldn’t do, especially in snowboarding. I’m all about having good times this year, while being productive getting stuff done at the same time.

You’ve had some pretty interesting injuries. What’s been the most brutal?

The most dramatic was breaking my eye socket, and losing all feeling in half of my face for a bit, but the most prolonged was the 6 months I spent in a cast for a broken wrist that I had for about 3 consecutive years. Right now, I have bruised heels which has been a pretty annoying injury

How’s the broken eye socket?

At the moment, I have a black eye on it..

How’d you do that?

I think I hit my face on a tree [Laughs], but other than that it's good. It’s healing.

What’s the key to your post-injury ‘come back’?

Patience. I try to stay healthy and positive, and try to heal up completely before getting out there again. I take lots of vitamins and try to eat organically as much as I can.

Photo:Christy Chaloux

You've got a packed contest schedule. What’s your favorite event to compete in?

Well, I did have a packed contest schedule, it seemed like I had one every week. Now, it's a little more mellow. I’m really looking forward Roxy Chicken Jam in Mammoth. It's always a really fun event to be a part of. I’m so psyched for Santogold to be there!

So, what’s been your focus this season?

My main focus has completely changed the beginning of the season to now. I went into the season focused on competing, traveling on the contest circuit and giving that my all. On the first Dew Tour stop, I bruised both heels pretty badly. I took 2 weeks off, then got back into it by riding powder because it was soft. That was it, I was hooked. I’m actually stoked my heels are bruised because I'd way rather be riding powder than anything else. Everything happens for a reason!

Where is your favorite shred spot? I know you love those Euros…

Yeah, I do love the Euro-land. Probably my favorite spots are in the Austrian Swiss Alps. However, I’ve been discovering more of the Utah terrain. It's pretty awesome to wake up in my own bed, spend the day at Brighton jumping Mary’s cliffs, then go home and cook dinner in my kitchen.

If you had to put together your ‘dream’ crew to go ride with tomorrow morning, who would show up at your house?

DCP, Nicolas Muller, and Gigi Ruf. Just to watch and get inspired on how to get as creative as possible with the natural snow features in front of me. I love when riders see things that no one else does and then they murder them– in a peaceful way of course. Honestly though, a dream crew is really about all being on the same stoke level and wavelength of thinking. When you’re all on that same high frequency, its ON!

Given your penchant for fashion and the design world, do you have anything in the works coming up?

I have a ton of ideas right now. I just need to get off my ass, and go for it. There could be a lot of potential projects happening soon. I’m involved with helping Roxy, Northwave, and Drake with new ideas and progression of their women's lines. I also have a bit of a hand in Cilla, and foresee working more closely with them in the future on lots of the new designs.

Photo: Christy Chaloux

What trends to you love to hate right now?

The ‘Skittles’ bouncing around the jib park.

Oh, you mean mis-matched florescents?

Yes, florescent on florescent for cruising around with your friends and hiking boxes is harsh on the eyes.

Got a favorite?

I love flattering slim cut pants (NOT skin tight). Outside of snowboarding, you can never go wrong with black, or Gucci boots… with leather tassels…

Oh yeah, those are amazing.

What’s on deck for next season? Filming? Contests? Fashion design in Milan?

This year is my first year really truly doing what I want to do with my career. I started snowboarding wanting to be more of a free-ride film girl. This year I got sucked into the contest scene which I’ve been OK in, but never excelled. I’m really excited to put more of my career into backcountry and powder riding.

What are you going to do this summer?

I’m gunna play soccer in France. I’m going to be at my High Cascade Signature Session in July, and I might head up to Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC. I want to spend lots of time at the beach. I’m going to join the Bianchi bike gang– Salt Lake sector, and my goal by the end of the summer is to have the Adobe Creative Suite programs mastered.

Good luck with that!