Caught Up: Stevie Bell

Virtually unknown prior to his shared part in last years F.O.D.T. flick, One Love, Stevie Bell has since seized a coveted spot on Forum’s pro team, and spent the past year racking up frequent flyer miles alongside JP Walker and the rest of the star-studded cast filming for That. Yeah, things done changed.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but two years ago you were an unsponsored rider, and now you’re on Forum’s pro team.

Pretty much last year I was unsponsored.

Then you came up with TechNine and F.O.D.T.

Yeah, that’s when I started. Well, the year before that I filmed on my own with my friends. We’d go out and squeeze in time between college and working, and film whatever we could without getting kicked out. Then I filmed that part with F.O.D.T. for One Love. After that came out things just went from there, and now I’m on the pro team.

So things have changed a lot, is that a trip?

Yeah it’s a trip, man. It’s hard because I’ve got to ride with the illest kids in the world—know what I mean? And the level of riding is so much more than what I’m used to. It’s been a learning experience but its just crazy—I travel now, I ride all the time, I’m filming all the time, and I’m hitting a lot bigger stuff than what I’m used to. I’ll adapt, and I’ll be able to hang so it’s all good.

Has there been any hate in the SLC since you blew?

A couple of dudes from TechNine were mad at me, but I can understand how they feel because they helped me out—from nothing to something, and I give those dudes mad respect. But not very many haters that I know of, I’m cool with pretty much everybody in Utah. I’m just a friendly kid—I got mad friends. But I have heard rumors of people talking shit about how I’ve changed, and that I’ve got stuck up. But to me I haven’t, because I’m always chillin’ with the same people and doing exactly what I used to do. And if there are haters I don’t care, that only makes it easier for me to strive in life.

How much heavier was it stepping up and filming for this Forum movie?

So crazy. Like I said, I had to hit big ass jumps all the time. I’d step off an eight-hour plane ride, go straight to a handrail, ride all day, and get no sleep. Jetlagged, and filming all day long. The progression is crazy trying to come up with new tricks. I got hurt a lot this year trying to keep up with JP. I got two concussions, a broken hand, a torn MCL, a torn meniscus—dude’s definitely hard to keep up with.

But it’s all good, it’s all for the love of snowboarding, and that’s just what’s gonna’ happen. I think next year will be a lot easier for me ’cause I know what’s gonna’ go on, and I’ll have the experience—I got that rookie year under my belt.

How many stamps did you get on your passport this past winter?

Sweden, Germany, Holland, Finland, Austria, Canada, England—all those. I’m supposed to go to Madrid, Moscow, and Sweden for the premieres, but I think I’m gonna’ stay home and get healthy cause I just had surgery on my knee.

Is your knee going to be 100 percent when the snow falls?

I’ll be 100 percent. I went to the doctors yesterday and I’ll be 100 percent in a month—just gotta’ keep working out.

I heard you got shut down trying to get into Canada.

Yeah, me and Travis (Kennedy) went there and they were hating on us. Just two kids that look like thugs—baggy clothes, brand new sleds, brand new trucks—they were just hating on us, and wouldn’t let us in. So they barred us and we have to have work permits to go in there now. It was super gnarly, and I had an alcohol ticket from being dumb when I was younger that they were all freaked out about. I had to get everything taken care of, but I’m all squared away to get into Canada now so everything’s good. But it was gnarly at the time, ’cause I drove twenty hours by myself to meet up with him in Oregon then we drove to the border, got turned around, and drove right back down to Tahoe. So muchh driving it was crazy. That sucked, man.

Is there anyone in particular that you’ve really clicked with on the Forum team?

I’m cool with everybody, and I like riding with all of ’em, but JP’s the number one person that I’ve clicked with. He always pushes me, I ride with him the most, that’s who I usually film with, and he’s the one who pretty much got me on the pro team. Definitely JP Walker—the don.

If you could put anybody else on the team, locked into contract or not, who would it be?

Seth Huot—Me, him, JP, and Pat Moore went to Montréal this year and I think Seth would be a sick addition to the Forum crew if we could get him on there. He’s so good man, and he’s fun to ride with. That’s who I’d put on.

Who’s better, Devun Walsh or JP Walker?

Aw, you got me on the spot (laughter). I can’t even tell you that. That’s honestly a question that can’t be answered. JP’s more well rounded ’cause he does rails, and he definitely has backcountry skills. But Devun is just so sick at backcountry. There both equally sick, just in different ways. I can’t really say who’s better (laughter).

Any filming plans yet for the upcoming season?

Work hard and stay healthy. I got jacked out of backcountry this year because I got hurt, so I didn’t get to film very much. So, next year stay healthy and make sure that I’m 100 percent, and on point all the time.

Do you know who you’re shooting with yet?

Hopefully we can do another Forum movie.

Are they talking about that?

Hopefully. So you heard that Program (Forum, Jeenyus, Foursquare, Special Blend), let’s do a Forum movie (laughter)!

Who’s paying the bills?

Spy, Matix, DVS Special Blend, Forum of course. That’s it so far, definitely does the trick though.

Any last words?

Back to that question about who I’d put on the Forum team—Aaron Biittner, for sure. That’s my boy, we used to live together. That’s definitely the other person I’d put on Forum.