If you were to meet Pat Moore, you would never guess what he did for a living. He's the definition of a blue-collar snowboarder. He has the work ethic to back that title up as well. Come November, when it's snowboarding time, nothing gets in his way, as long as he's healthy. And if he gets hurt, like he did at the beginning of the season while filming for Real Snow, that work ethic just goes to getting himself better. Just look at his part from Forum's Vacation and his Real Snow entry for proof.

What happened with that huge drop at the beginning of your Real Snow part?

Ha, that drop did not end well for me. I ended up spraining my MCL and bruised the top of my tibia. But that was one of the sketchiest things I've ever done. I took a little too much speed into the wall ride. You can't see it in the shot, but I landed on the sidewalk that only had like an inch of snow on it about a foot away from a giant rock. So I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I got super lucky. I was able to walk away.

Yeah, 'cause you pretty much took a four-story fall to flat.

Yeah, and since there was snow in front of me, and behind me, when I fell I just came to a complete stop. It was scary.

When will you be able to snowboard again?

I'll be able to snowboard in the next week or so. I'm just going to get ready for Supernatural.

Pat Moore. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

How do you think Real Snow went for you this year overall? It seemed like you really brought your A game. How long did you film for?

We filmed everything in a month. We went up to Alaska—Nic Suave, Jake Welch, and myself—and just posted up. Nic ended up getting hurt, so for the month it was just Jake and the filmers and everyone really helping me get what I needed. I owe those guys big.

Pat Moore. PHOTO: Ian Ruhter

You're the only guy to be invited to Real Snow and Supernatural. How does that feel?

It feels really sick. Dude, I've been looking at all the photos and everything, I'm just so stoked that I got invited and get to go up there. I'm just anxious to see if I can survive it. [laughs]

You don't see too many kids these days that are legit all-around snowboarders. Why do you think that is?

The level of riding has gotten so high that, if you want to be on the top, you really just have to focus in that area. Like if you want to be a top contest rider, you really have to just do that, or if you want to be a really good rail rider, like be on par with guys like Jed Anderson, or Jake Kuzyk, then you have to be focused on just riding rails. But I do think there are guys that still kill it on everything like Bode Merrill, and Dan Brisse. So some people are still riding everything. It's just hard these days.

Let's talk about your part from Vacation Forum movie. Where the hell did that come from? Because it seemed like you were sitting a little below the radar, and then boom, you drop this bomb of a part.

I guess I was just trying to make up for lost time from being injured two years ago. I was just able to go from trip to trip last year. Like I'd go on a rail trip, and once that was over I'd go on a backcountry trip. I was just excited to go on trips, and the whole year kept going really well for me—I was able to stay on my feet for most of it.

Pat Moore. PHOTO: Tim Peare

What made you want to come back to the streets?

I have so much fun riding rails, and it's the perfect thing to do before the pow season starts. For a video part it adds so much more when you have lots of different types of riding in it.

Rumors are you are starting a brand called Brick and Mortar Supply Co. What's up with that?

Brick and Mortar Supply is just a little brand that I started with one of my buddies. It's accessories, tools, just things that every snowboarder needs, but you can only find at hardware stores, or at ski shops. So we figured why not make the tools that we need ourselves?

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