Caught Up With Mikey Rencz


Mikey is a young old dog. He got his first TWS check out in 2001 and an interview in 2005 ... he's linked-in with the 8 Mile crew. In 2009, he filmed a part with the TWS crew for Get Real, and this year he nailed down a part in the People movie Cheers! Mikey came down to So Cal for the Cheers premiere, we cornered him and  Caught up.

How’s life different now that you moved from 8 mile to Squamish?
Well, it’s just a little more mellow. Whistler was awesome to live there, but it’s just a little more realistic to live in Squamish … more real life.

How’s it the same?
It’s the same ’cause we still just snowboard all the time, snowmobile, and wear sweatpants. It’s the same people, just a different place. We still go to Whistler sometimes … just not all the time.

Who lives there?
Kind of a whole mix-there’s my friend Trout who’s an 8 Mile filmer, and Dustin Craven’s moving in, and then Eero [Niemela], Iikka, and Benji Ritchie are there for this winter.

How’s that Coors Light sponsorship working out?
Umm, I actually don’t know how that happened. They give us beer credit cards and we can go to the liquor store and get a bunch of Coors Light, they sponsor 8 Mile, and they help us with premiere. Yeah, that works out good.

Rad in so many ways. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Rad in so many ways. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

What were some highlights from last season filming with the People crew?
I think we had a super good crew, really laid back, not like lazy laid back--we still did everything, but there was no stress, the crew was awesome. That was probably my highlight--hanging out with everybody and being able to stay in B.C. actually was awesome.

I traveled some, I went to the interior like three times, I love it up there so that’s cool with me, and then I did a trip up to Northern BC, a Red Bull heli trip, and other than that I hung out in Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton--that’s why I moved to Whistler in the first place. So for me to be able to hang out here was my highlight because it’s my favorite terrain to ride.

You filmed for People and then you did your own 8 Mile movie, too?
Well, People was my main focus, and then we just take our extra footage and make it into 8 Mile movie, but then also some of our friends just film for 8 Mile. So it’s more like a fun project that we can put out for free.

What’s an average day filming like for you?
Usually we leave Squamish at like 5:30-6, and then depending on where we’re going in Squamish or Pemberton, we stop for a coffee and breakfast somewhere, and then unload, pay our trail fee, and go out filming for the day, and hopefully if the weather cooperates, we’ll stay up there all day … and then yeah, drive back to Squamish. That’s the day.  Some days we’ll be in the backcountry watching the sunrise, and we’ll have been in bed 30 minutes before that. It’s not a big production or anything-just get up and go.

Mikey in Argentina with Burton. PHOTO: Blotto

Mikey in Argentina with Burton. PHOTO: Blotto

You just got back from a trip to Chile and Argentina right--what happens on a Burton catalog shoot?
I just got back from there last week, like ten days ago--it was just me, Jussi, Jeremy, and then Corey [Koniniec] filming and Blotto shooting photos. It was a super mellow catalog shoot for 2012, so they had a shot list of exactly what they needed, and we just got those shots, mostly action, no super setup lifestyles. We rode around Cerro Catedral for a week, and then we went to another resort Cerro Bayo. That place would have been really cool. We went there at the end of the trip. It would have been cool to spend some more days there. Same deal: wake up, go snowboarding.

South American Snow Sessions time out in Argentina. PHOTO: Blotto

South American Snow Sessions time out in Argentina. PHOTO: Blotto

So you came down here to So Cal for the People premiere at Oakley, what else have you been up to?
We went to the People premiere, we checked out the TransWorld premiere, did an Electric ad--that’s kind of my yearly routine to come down for the premiere and an ad, but my girlfriend came this time so we hung a little longer. We went to the horsetrack won some money, then went to Hollywood for a couple days and spent it all.

What happens on an average September day in Squamish?
I guess we’ve gotta edit this 8 Mile stuff together, and I really hope it’s still sunny ’cause we found some awesome swimming holes just before I left. I need to do some activities ’cause I’ve been partying for like ten days since I got down here. Probably skate my mini ramp and just hang out at the house some, too.

Waist deep airtime in Whistler last season. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Waist deep airtime in Whistler last season. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Cheers should be out soon-did you have much to do with the editing of your part?
Not so much, I knew what shots I could use, so I saw all my footage and then Justin [Eeles] and Pierre [Minhondo] just ran with it. I was trying to find songs forever--that was my most active part with it. That kind of ended up working out anyway. Other than that I got my part while I was in Argentina, they actually sent me two parts and there was a couple different things and I asked if they could blend them together a little bit. Yeah, I was hyped. People were kind of nervous ’cause they hadn’t seen anything but it was cool at the premiere because everyone, all the riders, literally hadn’t seen anything.

Is the teaser still coming out soon?
Yeah, [laughs] that’s what I heard …

Burton laid out an awesome timeline of his already-lengthy shred career that you can check out here.

Be sure to grab a copy of Cheers when it hits the shelves, in the meantime check out his old Get Real Part. “I’m so flyyyyy …”

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