Caught Up: Leanne Pelosi


So…what’d you get into this winter, gimme the quick run down
Ok… this winter we stopped making Runway Films, I started filming with Standard films. It was sweet..there were some adventures along the way. Our big Alaska trip I was stoked on going was canceled on us …no big deal, just a volcano exploding...ummm…went to High Cascade all summer and then to MGT girls session at SASS here with Dakine and K2 for catalog shoots

Are you bummed to be done with Runway? How’d filming with Standard go?
Ummm... I am bummed that Runway is done because I had so much fun filming with all the girls. Jeff (who I co-produced Runway with) wanted to move onto other projects and so the task of running the entire film crew solo was just too much…and then the whole possibility of not getting the funds while we are in one of the biggest financial crisis’ ever was just another reason to maybe hold off a year.

That doesn’t mean to say that we’ll never make another project. I would like to work on something else, but for now I’m really enjoying focusing on shredding. I spent time at Hood for 4 weeks, just working on learning stuff and it's been really relaxing for my mind to be able to focus solely on snowboarding. And… the opportunity to film with Standard was a good one so I jumped at the chance. I ended up going on two rail trips to Quebec with them. I share a part with Andrew Geeves. I wish I could have filmed way more with Standard, but some of the major trips that were supposed to happen didn’t.

And then I hurt myself at the US open …my back.

What happened?
I never figured out what it was, I went to the hospital to see if it was broken and it wasn’t. So I spent all summer going to physio and chiro and massage and acupuncture. I just rode this up rail before semi’s and flew to my back onto ice. At first I couldn’t breathe so I thought I broke it.


Harsh…feels better now, though?
Yeah, yeah, its fine, but I still feel it. I guess it must be just muscle. So yeah…I went from US open to Tahoe and hit a big backcountry jump with Mike Hatchett and ended up landing on my back again, like two days after I thought I broke it, so I took it really mellow for the rest of the spring then headed to hood. That’s basically my season.

Was it intimidating filming with Standard, that’s a pretty heavy crew?

Ummm……well my crew in Montreal was Halldor Helgason and Andrew Geeves, and it was our first year for all of us, so it didn’t feel too intimidating. But it definitely made me look at some bigger more intimidating rails. Halldor and Geeves are so sick. My intention was to go out there and get a few rails then focus on pow and park jumps. But I didn’t really get a chance to do that…cuz, there were sponsor commitments to head to things like the X Games.

Is it tough to balance out filming a part with pleasing your sponsors by showing up to contests?
Yeah, it's just difficult when you head to a contest with no park practice, when everyone else has obviously spent days in the park lapping the jumps. I just feel a bit more rusty heading into something like the X Games from a Montreal rail trip, ya know! I am really stoked though on everything with Standard and my part with Geeves. Stoked to be a part of their crew.


Have you seen any of that movie, Black Winter? How’s it gonna be? Whose got heavy parts?
Yeah, I went up to Squamish and saw it, not all of it, but I saw Torstein, Halldor, Jason Dubois, Andrew Geeves, Lonny Kauk, and ummm…maybe a few others, I forget. Torstein has great variety in his part, he gets stuck in a crazy avy, something you think would never slide and he gets buried. Halldor surprises people with this huuuge jump. Double corks ain’t no big deal…. but am I supposed to even be telling you all this?

Yeah…you got a double cork yet?
Yeah, double cork steam roller.

Do you think the girls will step to the double cork ?
Yeah, I think double backflip first. I’m claiming Colleen Quigley she was doing the rodeo with Tara this summer at camp.

Double rodeo?
Ooh yeah, maybe double backflip 180? Isn’t that what Travis Rice does? I don't know all the names of these crazy corks.


So where are you at now?
Cerro Catedral, Bariloche ARGENTINA..ole!

How’s the trip been so far? Highlights? Lowlights?
It’s been amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, aye aye aye! Highlights include getting neck deep pow slashes in the trees. Lowlights are after it downpours for 2 days straight, it gets sunny! And another lowlight…is that you can’t flush your toilet paper down the toilet that’s a weird one. Oh and not being able to flush your food out... if you know what I mean... too much meat! Another highlight is those meat pies, what are they called again?

YEAH! Empanadas! Yeah, so good.

Okay, so this is your first time down here right?

And what d’ya think? Would you come back? How’s SASS?
Omagah. I AM coming back!!! Next season for sure. This place reminds me of Whistler in a way. The amount of snow that falls every night, so insane. I think what SASS is doing for snowboarding is really great. I mean, it's an experience of a lifetime for a camper to come to South America. The culture, the food, the siestas, the snowboarding…they make it so easy for us to go to an uncharted territory. I mean for someone who doesn’t speak spanish…it was a nice feeling to know that you’re being taken care of, right from the airport.

So you’d recommend it to other kids. It’s worth the travel and money?
I’d recommend it for sure. For all you kids who want to learn some board control and not just hit rails and park jumps repeatedly, this is the place. You get a chance to shred with the best guides in the world who know their shit. You can build your first backcountry pow jump, hit huge log rides, chutes, cliffs, or just as simple as riding a mellow pow run under the chairlift. It’s an amazing winter experience in the summer.