Caught Up: Justin Bennee

Don't cry that this isn't a riding shot. Photo: Andy Wright

Don't cry that this isn't a riding shot. Photo: Andy Wright

Justin Bennee is no newcomer. Stuff like street hammers, video parts and magazine covers have kept this Utah kid in the mix for years. After a season spent sidelined with a back injury, Bennee is back on. Since you should already know how he rides, here’s some news on what he rides.

Boards you ride: Nitro Swindle 152 in the street and a Nitro Team 159 on the mountain.

Boots: Nike Zoom Force Ones.

Bindings: Nitro Raiden.

Stance Width: 24 inches.

Angles: Fifteen degrees on the front and negative ten on the back, I think. I've been setting up the same stance for so long that I should know, but I don't.

What's the difference between your street boards and mountain set-ups?

For street boards I ride a 152 usually and a little bit softer and also I set it up twin. My mountain board is a 159, set back an inch and a half. Another thing I do is adjust my highbacks to my edge by rotating them a tiny bit. It's pretty crazy what a difference it made for me.

How long do boards usually last you in the streets?

It depends—if you're hitting lots of cement banks it will take a toll on your ride, but generally if a board doesn't just break in half or whatever, it will last at least about three weeks.

What about centering?

I have my street board centered because the tricks you do, like if your trying a nosepress on something and decide your not feelin' it and you wanna try a tailpress, then it seems only right to have the same amount of tail as nose, especially when the board is already so small to begin with.

You're on Nitro boards now, do they differ from the Salomon boards you were on for years?

Yeah, I just got on Nitro this year. They seem to be much more durable and have way better pop.

You have some other new sponsors, too? Yeah, I just got on LRG pretty recently and Hatch socks, they make really good socks. And Masa, Darrell Mathes just started this company and they make some really sweet shit.

A back injury took you out for most of last season, what did you do to rehab it? Lots of Pilates and eating healthier, no homo. And I see this magic man in SLC, he can cure anything, seriously.

What are you focused on with your riding right now? Jut having a good time with it and keeping the passion.

Have you been filming this season? Yeah, I'm filming for VideoGrass again and we've been hard at work. The movie is called Bon Voyage, it's gonna be a heater.

What else are you doing this winter? I'm in Switzerland right now tryin' to get my backcountry on, but we've been all over this year, like Texas, and Germany.

Who's the new kid coming up in SLC right now? Cale Zima, all day!

Where do you think urban riding is headed? Double Cork for sure man, I've been training really hard all year for a double cork twirly bird to a 20 stair rail, my coach says I'm almost ready.

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