Caught Up: John Jackson

PHOTO: Scott Serfas


Everyone knows John Jackson. He’s one of the best all-around shredders in the world. From winning rider of the year (twice in a row), to filming for The Art of Flight, it’s not a secret that John shreds. But what is somewhat secret is what he’s been up this year. We tracked John down at the Outdoor Retailer trade-show in Salt Lake City and got the dirt from him.


You're one of the few riders invited to film for Real Snow Backcountry. Where have you been filming?           

Well we had a late start. There wasn't much snow in the lower 48 states, so I went up to Whistler around the ninth of December. I was just easing into it. I hadn't really ridden in a whole year, since my knee surgery. I was kind of tip-toeing in the beginning, but I put my knee through some serious testers and it's feeling really good.

PHOTO: Scott Serfas

What are you doing after?

From February 1–10 I'm going to go out and do Travis' Supernatural contest. Then I'm going to film with Burton. But come April my brother [Eric] and I have this trip planned with Red Bull, we're going to drive from Alaska to Chile. All the way to the most southern tip.

PHOTO: Danny Zapalac


Are you guys going to make a movie out of that trip?

Yeah we are, it's going to be really cool. Right now it's going to be a web series, a YouTube show.

PHOTO: Scott Serfas


Who's been in the crew this year so far?

It's been mostly Mark Sollars. Also Tim Manning and Adam Moran have been filming and shooting photos. We've also been crossing paths with Mikey Rencz and Jussi Oksanen.


So do you guys only have a month to film this part like the rail guys had to film their parts?

Yeah, so it's been tough. I only have a few shots so far. We've just been battling weather, and I'm in panic mode right now. Like we're always stressing where should we go, and what should we do. We almost tried to jam on this trip to Northern BC, a heli trip and we only had four days to do it. But it just didn't work. So we've been filming a lot of cloudy stuff. But it's interesting. I'm not too worried about it though. I'm just happy that I'm able to ride with my knee not giving me any problems.

PHOTO: Scott Serfas


You made the shift from Forum to Burton recently but a lot of people might not know you rode for Burton before. How does it feel to be back on?

Yeah man, I rode for Burton when I was way young. I started as a rep rider a long time ago. The biggest difference is that I feel like I have a more opportunity, just with the style of my riding, and the products that I like to ride and that blends so perfectly with Burton, especially the AK line.

PHOTO: Scott Serfas


How's your jewelry company going?           

It's going well man. It's called Jax Union. We're going with a whole mining theme. It's a little spin off of where we came from and what the mountains have given to us. We're trying to be more mainstream with this too—our line is really high end. We have a couple ideas to tie it into snowboarding, different kind of things. But we're not trying to push it out there; we're trying to keep it pretty limited. We just want to make sure we really do it the right way.

Here is John’s “Video Part Of The Year” 2011 from Forum’s F’iT