Double corks or double boards? Gulli places his bet on the high road.
Cab one tranny drop. Sounds like a Chuck Sheen maneuver...
Sequence this! Cab 270 to front board.
Filming with Standard this season, Gulli's been logging shots since early September. October tailpress over the reflecting pool.
Guðlaugur Hólm Guðmundsson. Will steal your girlfriend.
Nighttime tail grab bomb transfer.

All Photos Courtesy of Johan Wennerstrøm and Olav Stubberud for Hoppipolla Headwear

Guðlaugur “Gulli” Hólm Guðmundsson

Born: May 20th, 1986
Sponsors: Bataleon Snowboards, Sweet Outerwear and Helmets, Hoppipolla Headwear, Atikin Streetwear, Transform gloves, Love Skateboards, 7/9/13 Belts
Hometown: Reykjavík, Iceland
Home Mountain: Hlíðarfjall / Bláfjöll
Websites: Gulli Gudmundsson and

~ Gulli’s Full Part From Pirate Movie ProductionsHooked ~

Gulli ain’t no third wheel. The filming and riding partner of the Helgason brothers may not have received the same kind of fanfare in the States as Halldór and Eiki (yet), but Guðlaugur Hólm “Gulli” Guðmundsson is more than on the come up. His is a difficult name to say the least, but without a doubt one that you’ll be hearing about all next season. …And judging by the goods we’ve seen from and rumors we’ve heard about his recent killing spree while filming for Standard’s new film and the Helgason’s Sexual Snowboarding, it’s safe to say that you’ll be hearing his name mispronounced quite a bit in the coming 2011/2012. With standout parts in the Pirates‘ films, Bataleon edits, and expanded travels in Europe and the US, keep your head up for the Icelandic street-rider—you might just see just what Halldór, Eiki, and most of Euroland are already tipped on. Or an Elf.—AH

Shooting with Standard Films this season, it's safe to say Gulli's fitting in just fine. October tailpress over the reflecting pool.

Shooting with Standard this season, it's safe to say Gulli's fitting in just fine. October tailpress over the reflecting pool.

How you been, Gulli? How’s this season going for you so far?
Just great! Been spending most of my season in Scandinavia, doing street rails. A lot of snow there this winter, so it’s been perfect!

You’re pulling double (triple?)-duty filming this season. Standard, Sexual Snowboarding, …and Pirates again?
Naw, only pulling a double! Standard and Sexual Snowboarding.

When we just talked to Halldór and Eiki a few weeks ago, they said, “watch out for Gulli’s part this year.” What should we expect? How are these parts going to be different for you?
[Laughs] I guess I’ve just been lucky this season! Always being at the right place, at the right time. Last year, I broke my back in February, so the season was short for me. This year, I’ve had more time to work on my video parts. Hopefully, I’ll now get the chance to do some backcountry, as well.

~ Gulli’s 2010 Re-Edit. Footage: Pirates ~

We saw you’ve been to Sälen Snowboard School? What’s it all about, and how has it helped you as a rider
Yeah, I went [to Sälen] for four years. I had regular classes, and then I got to ride a lot, with good support from their snowboarding trainers. Back home in Iceland, we don’t really have parks, but it’s getting better every year. So for me, it was great to be able to ride a perfect park everyday!

Real quick: gotta ask the Iceland question… ha. What the hell’s up with the “Elves” homie?
[Laughs] Yeah, we have a lot of those. Many Icelanders have Elves as there pets!

How long have you known/been riding with the Helgason bros? What’s it like to be on the same film program with them this season?
We grew up riding together, so it’s been a long time. We did our own movies back in the day, so it’s always been about filming video parts for us. We’ve been doing a few trips together every season, but this year [it’s been] almost every trip. It’s really nice to be able to be on the same filming program, because its just like the good old times.

Sequenced. Cab 270 Front Board from the Icelandic Good Man.

Sequenced. Cab 270 Front Board from the Icelandic Good Man.

You’re stuck on a deserted island. Pick your one companion, one food, one book, one animal friend, and your plan for rescue.
My girlfriend, of course… Dried Icelandic fish, The Book Of Surviving, Keiko [the killer whale from Free Willy], and surfing on Keiko to the next land.

Damn, that’s a good answer. So you’re one of the few pros to rock the helmet in their rail parts. What’s the reason behind it? Anyone ever give you shit for it?
Many concussions and memory losses throughout the years is the reason. And of course people give me shit for it [laughs]! But I don’t care; I do my snowboarding for my own pleasure and I don’t like getting my head all messed up over and over again!

A lot of European or Canadian pros struggle with the “marketable” BS here in the States. What’s your response to that whole ordeal?
I don’t really know… I don’t think so much about that BS [laughs].

[Laughs] Fair enough. Ever been pressured to change or adopt a new name? What’s the weirdest “US Market” request you’ve ever had?
Never been pressured, really, but people have asked me how my name “works” in the snowboarding scene. I guess it would have been better to have a more common name? It’s probably pretty hard to remember [the full name], but “Gulli” it is. And always will be [laughs]!

Yeah, there’s no way in hell I can pronounce the full thing. But how important is it still for European riders to break into the US riding life? What’s the biggest difference in the two snowboard scenes, to you?
I think it’s important—especially if you wanna get on the big filming crews. About the differences, not that I know it for sure, but in the way I think it is, the Americans don’t really follow what’s happening in the European snowboarding scene. But I’m not saying that’s wrong! They have enough to follow in the American scene, of course. [Laughs] But the Europeans follow the American snowboard scene a lot; so for us Euros, it’s always a good step up to be a name in the States, as well.

Double corks are yesterday's news. Dub boards, however... on lock.

Double corks are yesterday's news. Dub boards, however... "winning".

Top five bands/songs to ride to, let’s hear it:
AC/DC: “Let There Be Rock”
Black Sabbath: “Paranoid”
Megadeth: “Hangar 18”
Megadeth: “Dread And Fugitive Mind”
Satan: “Kiss Of Death”
UFO: “Rock Bottom”

If you had a pro model, would you name it the “Gullwing” or the “Good Man”?
[Laughs] I would go for “Good Man”.

Favorite place to party and shred in the US and Europe?
Well, I’m on my way to the US for the second time right now, so I haven’t really experienced the party and the shred places there yet. For a European party place, go to Reykjavík, and for riding it’s Kläppen Snowpark (Sälens Snowboard School’s resort).

Last question: what do you Icelandic kids do when it’s 24 hours of light, anyway? 24 party people status?
[Laughs] Sometimes, yes! I like it—it’s a different feeling from anywhere else, walking home from the bar in complete daylight. It’s nice, but it sucks trying to fall asleep though… Also, it’s super fun to stay out late and skateboard all night.

Thank yous? Shout outs?
My girlfriend Helga Bergrún, my parents, friends, and sponsors!


Guðlaugur "Gulli" Hólm Guðmundsson is one good guy. ...No Euro.